Renting Services

Pars Diplomatic Real Estate with many years experience in properties consultation to Embassies, International companies and foreigners and also owning the international licenses such as ISO 9001, ISO 10004, and ISO 10002 , to name a few is ready to give services to you.

Renting Apartments And Penthouses

The luxury apartments which are located on North of Tehran and they are properties which are specifically have entrusted to Pars Diplomatic Real Estate to be rented by their owners. And we offer them to our special clients. For renting the apartments to our clients, first we ask them their taste and their require. In addition to, because of our high experience in working with foreigners, our agents are familiar with their culture and their taste from all over the countries. Pars Diplomatic Real Estate is always ready to introduce the luxurious furnished and unfurnished apartments, suitable for diplomats from different embassies, and foreigners from international companies, businessmen and so on.

If you are a foreigner and decide to rent an apartment in Tehran, ask your compatriots about which Real Estate they have rented their apartments from, they will surely say Pars Diplomatic and will introduce you Pars Diplomatic Real Estate.

Renting Offices And Whole Buildings

Due to vast connection of Pars Diplomatic Real Estate to the owners of very well known offices in Tehran & other mega cities, this real estate will be able to deliver the desirable furnished or unfurnished offices to their clients. It is recommended before working with one real estate, evaluate it first. We claim that Pars Diplomatic is the best in renting offices to international companies, businessmen & foreigners in Tehran. Some of our companies which we have worked with are as below:

  • The United Nations Organization (UN), UNESCO, UNDP and WHO, Turkish Airline, Pegasus Airline, Gulf Air, Bosch, Borusan Lojistic, Koc Holding, Caterpillar, LG, Samsung, Nova, Schell, KOTRA, BAT, CNPC, Siemens and Ericson, Iran cell, Hayat Holding, Modern Everest …& Yunus Emre Turkish Languages School, French schools, Italian Schools,…..
  • For visiting the complete list, refer to about us page.

Renting Houses Or Villas

Finding villas or houses is maybe time consuming task. For sure asking Pars Diplomatic Real Estate to find your desirable house or villa. We will find your desirable villa or house in the less time. Our agents now are ready to deliver the most luxurious house or villa with traditional or modern architecture, furnished or unfurnished, in Tehran or North of Iran to their foreign clients. 

Renting Commercial Properties

If you are a foreign company representative and intend to rent a commercial building in Tehran or other cities in Iran, undoubtedly Pars Diplomatic Real Estate is the best option for you.

Some of our collaborative international companies are: Defacto from Turkey, Canbo from Turkey, All in All Hypermarkets from Turkey, …

The owners of Famous Commercial Properties in North of Tehran such as Palladium MullGalleria Shopping Center and so on, entrust us for renting their properties to the valid and reliable companies & avoid advertising them in public sites.

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