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Second Branch Of Pars Diplomatic Real Estate In Elahiyeh Neighborhood

After years of experience in the field of property affairs, Pars Diplomatic has opened its second branch for renting and selling apartments, offices, houses and commercial properties in Fereshteh / Elahiyeh neighborhood.

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Pars Diplomatic Real Estate

The expansion of Pars Diplomatic offices to all neighborhoods in north of Tehran is one of the main goals of the Pars Diplomatic manager. In pursuit of this goal, after years of successful experience and customer satisfaction in Pesian Branch, the second branch in the Elahiyeh / Fereshteh neighborhood was founded. Our agents will provide the best properties for foreigners from embassies and international companies in this neighborhood. With professional and fluent English-spoken staff, it is ready to set up property services contracts in English for foreigners.

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Elahiyeh / Fereshteh Neighborhood

Elahiyeh is one of the neighborhoods in the north of Tehran and Shemiran. It extends from the north to Tajrish, from the west to Valiasr Street, from the south to the parkway crossroads and from the east to the Rumi bridge. Elahiyeh neighborhood is very popular for many reasons, including the chic and luxurious buildings, the comfort and tranquility of the neighborhood and easy access to the shopping centers. Now the gardens of the embassies of Turkey, Germany, Russia, as well as the buildings for residence of foreigners are located within this neighborhood.

Fereshteh Street is one of the main and most famous streets in the Elahiyeh neighborhood, which is wider than the other neighborhood streets and is one of the most expensive streets in Tehran. On this street, restaurants and cafes are also available.

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Office Features And Aims

Elahieh/Fereshteh branch was founded for giving services to all Fereshteh and Elahieh neighborhoods and their vicinities. As entering our office in Fereshteh you will get shocked due to its unique and chic design. This office is not like the offices which you have seen before in your life. The office employees’ behavior to their clients will complete its well interior design. Pars Diplomatic agents know Elahieh and Fereshteh very well and propose the best properties to the clients according to their requests and taste.
For doing your property affairs in very quiet and professional environment are waiting for you.

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