10 Ways to Make a Kitchen Look Bigger

Bigger Kitchen  

Bigger Kitchen  

You can make a kitchen look bigger with some of these well-kept secrets: light, color, organization, and better use of space!

Do you feel trapped in by the walls of your small kitchen? Do you think it’s impossible to get any more space? Don’t worry, we’re here to tell you there are no limits, and to prove it, we’re going to show you 10 ways to make a kitchen look bigger. Is it reality or an optical illusion? Read on to find out how to maximize space and truly enjoy your kitchen.

10 ways to make a kitchen look bigger

  1. Use transparent materials

These are always a great option, especially in terms of decoration. Try putting glass shelves, furniture, or containers into your kitchen. You’ll have everything you need, and you’ll also be creating a feeling of lightness. It’s like a magic trick where things disappear in front of your eyes.

  1. Take advantage of vertical storage

Vertical storage, whether it’s hanging from the ceiling or attached to the wall, draws people’s attention and makes a room feel bigger. It also gives you more space to store all your kitchen needs and will help you keep yours organized.

  1. Mirror, mirror…

If you want to make your kitchen feel bigger, just install a mirror! They will double your square footage thanks to the reflection and can make the room seem bigger than it really is. If you’d never thought about putting one in your kitchen, give it a try. They look amazing, and you’ll actually be getting in early on a new trend.

  1. One color can help make a kitchen look bigger

One of the classic ways to make a kitchen seem bigger is to have monochromatic decoration. White is the most common color people use for this, but you could also use things like beige, yellow, sand, etc…Dark colors tend to make rooms look smaller, so don’t use them when you’re trying to do the opposite.

  1. Make your kitchen a showroom

f you have a small kitchen without much storage space, one of our favorite ideas is to add some objects that are both decorative and functional. If you have a set of designer utensils, for example, why hide them in a drawer? So, keep some of your favorite things out on the countertop and free up space in the cabinets. Best of all, it’s also decoration!

  1. Make sure to keep things organized

It’s one thing to put your beloved kitchenware on the counter, and another for it to be covered in junk. Stop leaving out your millions of spice jars, your paper towel roll, or your bills and telling yourself you’ll put them away later. Good organization is a vital part of making a small space seem big.

  1. Fewer doors make for more space

Install cabinets without doors. That will make your kitchen look much bigger. If you already have cabinets, all you need is a screwdriver. So say goodbye to those doors and enjoy your “new” cabinets!

But be careful, because if you do this it will also mean needing to be extra clean and organized with all the things in those cabinets. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a very unpleasant-looking kitchen.

  1. Wash things then put them away to make a kitchen seem bigger

This is a simple, super effective trick to make a kitchen seem bigger. If you leave dishes in the sink, it will make your kitchen look small and dirty. But even if you clean them and leave them on the drying rack, it still has the same effect. Try to put things away as soon as possible to free up the visual space.

  1. Light

Besides having light-colored furniture and walls, kitchen lighting is also one of the best things you can use to make yours look different.

One of our favorite tricks is to put a light source under the furniture. But there are a lot of different options out there, and they’ll all save you a lot of work when it comes to adding some extra space to your kitchen.

  1. Now get decorating!

Small doesn’t have to mean ugly, and you can still fill your kitchen with nice, small accessories to make the kitchen look amazing. Add a painting, some plants, a unique lamp…The goal is to make your kitchen a space the whole family can enjoy.

So, as you can see, all it takes is a few simple tricks to make a kitchen feel bigger, and make yourself feel more comfortable in it!

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