Tips for Making Children’s Rooms Feel Cosier

Children’s Rooms

Calm, relaxing, comfortable and safe – these are all words we would love to apply to our children’s rooms. A child room should be a personalised retreat they enjoy. We have five tips for making children’s rooms feel cosier that are easy and require very little expense and no major renovations.

#1 Pick a Theme

Work with your child to choose a theme to provide a Coy look and feel. We all love to be surrounded by things that remind us of good times, and using your child’s favourites will create a Coy and intimate feeling.

When choosing a theme, also consider the mental impression created by your choice. A seaside theme may be perfect for the child whose memories include evening walks on the beach collecting shells, but not for the child who experienced a hurricane. What you are looking for is a theme that gives your child a sense of peace and relaxation and makes their room a place they enjoy.

#2 Create a Mood

Subdued lighting creates a Coy atmosphere. Replace overhead lights with strategically placed lamps. Your child only needs to light up whatever area of the room they are using. Use brighter bulbs for steady areas or reading in bed, a dimmer lamp to highlight toy areas. Additionally, consider recessed track lighting to create shadowed areas for a peaceful feel.

Use window coverings that contrast with you wall col or. Remember that muted colours are warmer and cosier than bright ones. If curtains are not suitable because of the age of your child or allergies, choose neutral shades designed to keep light out.

Choose furniture with curved lines, cushions, and muted tones. A beanbag chair is a good choice for a Coy reading nook. Loft beds with space underneath for play or a desk work well, as do beds built into a niche in the wall. Add curtains to create a sense of warmth and protection.

#3 Go for Comfort

Feeling Coy physically adds to your child’s comfort. Choose bed coverings that are soft, furry, and fluffy. Use throw rugs in muted toes to keep feet warm. Add fluffy, plush throw pillows to sit on and for decoration.

When choosing bedding, pick fabrics with comfortable texture. Many children’s sheets are made with muslin, which is inexpensive. However, these sheets tend to pill and do not remain soft. A better choice is a light jersey for spring and a soft flannel for colder months.

#4 Consider Colour

Choose a col or your child loves and that is pleasing to the eye. Warm colours range from pale yellow, through oranges and browns and to every shade of red, from deep scarlet to a delicate apple-blossom pink. Painting the ceiling a very light oatmeal reflects light and makes the space appear cosier.

Wood is always warm, especially darker shades of maple or oak. Look for darker wood furniture and consider wood flooring – easy to clean and easily covered with area rugs in warm tones or theme-related throw rugs.

#5 Accent and Accessorise

For a cosy feeling room, avoid overly large or very small prints in the fabric you choose. Look for bed and window coverings with a textured weave. Quilts and covers that appear hand-knitted work well to create a Coy look and feel.

Use storage to avoid a cluttered look. Coy is not busy, and you want the eye to take in the elements you have added for that Coy feel without distraction

Choose wall coverings that fit with your theme and col or palette. Try painting one wall a different contrasting col or – perhaps behind the bed. Another idea is to hang a quilt or colourful large rug on one wall to mute sounds and create warmth.

With a bit of thought and imagination, you can create a retreat for your child that will match their personality, interests, and provide a cosy feeling for play, study, and sleep.

room to grow: Tips for making children’s rooms feel cosier.

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