Clean Your House For New Year

Clean your house for new year

Clean your house for new year

Cleaning your entire home can ensure good luck in the New Year. In certain cultures, a clean house before the New Year will bring good luck and fortune to their home. Many believe that if they provide their homes with a deep cleaning, they will rid themselves and their family of any bad luck that occurred the previous year so that they can start the New Year fresh and new. In Japan this is called Osoji, which is the end-of-year cleaning that takes places not only in homes, but also in offices. By cleaning your home, it’s believed that you also purify the residence to welcome Toshigami-sama – the god of the coming New Year. Here are some cleaning tips to bring you luck for the New Year:

1. Go from top to bottom

You’ll need to give your home a deep cleaning if you want to have good luck in the New Year and the easiest way to do that is to go from top to bottom. So before you mop the floor, dust the blinds since particles fall thanks to gravity. Also, go from room to room to make your cleaning more efficient.

2. Get rid of clutter

Part of deep cleaning your home for the New Year is getting rid of clutter and old, unused items so that you can start new. Your home will look a lot better and you’ll be glad to get rid of all that clutter.

3. Fix broken things

Another part of deep cleaning your home is fixing anything that’s broken. After all, you don’t want that negative energy staying in your home after the New Year!

4. Strategic sweeping

It’s believed that good luck enters through the front and negative luck goes out through the back. So when you sweep your home, start from the entrance and go in toward the center of the room. Take out any trash using the back door.

Of course, you’ll want to clean the kitchen, bathroom, living room and any other bedrooms you have as thoroughly as possible. And to help you get the job done quickly and effectively, use Rejuventate’s many home cleaning products!

rejuvenate: ring in the new year with good luck! 18. February 2019.

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