5 Ways To Decorate Your Floors

Decorate Your Floors

Decorate Your Floors

Floors are an essential part of any interior design concept. They can tie a room together and make everything look and feel a bit warmer and cozier. It is why it is essential to take time and choose the ideal floor decoration for your home. And here to help are some inspiring ways you can change up your floor decor game. Let’s start!

Functionality Is Key

We will touch upon design and decor in the next few paragraphs, but now we must talk about the feature. If you have quality wooden floors, the last thing you want is scrapes. So make sure you cover up the areas where this is most likely to happen. For example, get a rug around the seating area or invest in chair mats so that you can rest assured your floor is safe and can withstand the test of time while still looking fabulous.

Think About Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great option. They are ideal if you want to showcase your floors and, at the same time, add a dash of color that can tie in your entire room design together. They come in all shapes and sizes and can fit different rooms of your home, from the living room to the attic.

The most important thing is finding the right color scheme to provide with your entire room concept. In most cases, going monochromatic is the best option as it allows you the freedom to mix other colors in with the selection of furniture fabrics and cushions.

Jump On The Floor Lamp Wagon

Floor lamps are used more and more as great decoration options. They serve a dual purpose being both decorative and illuminative. So you can add to the lighting mood in a room while at the same time having new floor decor.

They also allow you to play with different tones, as you can choose the color of the LED lights you want to use. Also, you can opt for just placing them in room corners as to add a bit of atmosphere since that way they can also reflect lights off the walls. Just make sure that the cords are not in the way when you are installing the floor lamps. Tripping over them is not the desired option.

A Touch Of Nature

Another great way of putting the focus on your floors is by adding a few plants. And we don’t mean regular small ones. It is more like big treelike ones that take up an entire corner of the room, something in the lines of Ficus Benjamina, more commonly known as the weeping fig. They can provide high contrast to dark wooden floors and add a bit of color to the room.

Even having them in more than one corner of the room is ok, according to most designers. Plants in general area great option when decorating a room, you bring a bit of nature into your home, and they also improve the quality of air in the room. So it is a win-win situation.

Floor Seating Trends

Floor seating options are also a great way of decorating your floors. You can opt for different types of floor seating, from cushions to ottomans and even lazy bags. Although at first glance, you might think of these items more as pieces of furniture then floor decor, but given their location, they also cover a part of the floor and are an essential visual factor for bringing out the floor design.

There is a vast range of patterns and colors for these floor seating options, make sure they tie well with the rest of the room and that they don’t clash with the color of your floors. Although it is always preferable to have floor seating furbished in fun colors and exciting patterns so that they pop and are the first thing you notice when you enter the room.

So there you have it, five exciting ways of decorating your floors. Of course, you can’t go wrong with an old carpet, but still, why not have some fun and add a bit of color into your room design.

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