Decorating Lamp Shades

Decorating Lamp Shades

Decorating Lamp Shades

We all know how important lamps are for providing light in a beautiful and sophisticated room design — but what about the shades? If you want to add a little pizzazz to your plain lampshades we’ve got a few easy tips for decorating lamp shades.

1) Ribbon is a crafter or decorator’s best friend. Use glue or double-sided tape to arrange ribbon in any way you desire. Vertical or horizontal stripes are always a nice option. If you want to keep it simple and sophisticated add a single piece of ribbon around the bottom of the shade. To give it a finished look with just a little bit more interest add a matching button to the seam.

2) Along the same lines as ribbon is beaded fringe. Unlike ribbon you won’t want to put it anywhere other than the bottom and/or top of the shade (just the bottom looks best). Like ribbon it can be attached with glue or double-sided tape.

3) One of the best ways of decorating lamp shades is with fabric. Find a pretty piece that compliments the lamp and the room it’s in and then cover either the exterior or interior.

4) If you’re feeling ambitious you can use thread to stitch a design of your choosing onto a fabric shade. Stitch on initials, geometric designs, or any other shape you desire.

5) Try using fabric paint (available at most craft stores) to add color and life to fabric shades. The sky’s the limit when it comes to designs. Paint it all one color, try a geometric design, paint names or initials, or any other picture you can think of. This can also be a fun project for kids who want to personalize their rooms (artwork doesn’t always have to go on the fridge or the walls).

6) Fill a spray bottle with fabric dye and spray a shade. For a graduated look spritz the bottom of the shade then empty some of the bottle and add water. Spray the adjacent portion of the shade above the dark part. Repeat the process and spray upwards on the shade until the desired look is achieved. You can also do the opposite by making the top of the shade the darkest and lightening as you move downwards. Be sure to do this in an area where you won’t accidentally spray anything else.

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