5 Tips for Creating a Grand Entrance



When decorating a home, it can be easy to focus on all of the main rooms. However, neglecting the entryway can have a huge impact on visitors as well as yourself. Your foyer will be what friends and family see first when entering your home. It will also be the primary stop you make when walking through the door after a long day of being out and about.

After using these 5 tips to transforming your foyer, you can enter your home with a deep sigh of relief knowing that you will like what you see.

The great outdoors

Before getting to the interior, plan out how to handle the front landscaping. Keeping the outside trim and neat not only gets rid of unwanted allergens, but also looks pleasing to the eye. Promote a sense of welcome with a greeting mat that makes you laugh or a planter housing a favorite herb. If there seems to be room for furniture, an outdoor rug that can be machine washed can look elegant when displayed underneath a functional coffee table of your choosing. And when evening arrives, leave the light on to make your place more visible to neighbors and guests.

Set up your own storage

The entryway can make for a great opportunity to create your own storage space in a sleek and refined style. Nothing beats furniture that has both style and the ability to take on multiple uses. Some people often find themselves kicking their belongings into just any old place in their home. If you happen to be one of those people, it can be easier than you may think to add some extra storage towards the front of your home. Make double use out of an old wood bench by clearing it for when you need some seating or for storing your muddy boots after having an outing on a rainy day. Another idea is to use a vintage trunk to hold necessary items like umbrellas and various bags or backpacks. You can also try attaching some brushed metal hooks to the wall to hang sweaters and coats which might free up some space in your closet.

Let it reflect you

Along with providing a warm welcome to guests, your foyer should also represent the things you like. For example, several connected frames can become art itself. One way to do this is by crafting together a photo collage filled with pictures of fond memories. You can also hang a finely woven tapestry collected from your travels. This can give your home both a friendly and adventurous feel while using up some excess wall space. Showcasing an amazing work of art in the form of a sculpture can spark some conversation and is as simple as setting it upon a basic end table. The piece mirrors your personal taste and looks polished among a bare background.

Pick key pieces

Try sticking to a few key items so that there is a small chance of causing your home to become too cluttered. Maintain a few minimal but powerful articles to give your home the best chance of making an impact without becoming overcrowded. A great way to find special bold pieces is to pick them up with a clear vision in mind. Make your next shopping trip a breeze by pinpointing what you might be searching for to avoid wandering around the store with a faint idea. However, sometimes the piece simply finds you. You may find yourself at an antique shop down the street or in another country exploring the city and stumble upon something you must have. Either way, it might be better to spend wisely and choose quality over the amount on the price tag. If your entry offers some wiggle room, you can work a small marble or granite table into the empty space topped with a patterned vase. Making a strong statement can come in the form of fixtures too. For a more luxurious investment, try finding an elaborate chandelier to be the main focus of the room.

Plant matter

Plants and floral arrangements are a fantastic way to give a cheery welcome to guests visiting your home. By placing a bouquet of freshly cut flowers within view, a home immediately livens up and appears brighter. Make it fun and feel free to switch it up with the seasons by purchasing sunflowers for summer and pastel-hued tulips for spring. If buying fresh is too time consuming, you can opt for using silk flowers found at your local craft store.

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