Feng Shui Tips for Your Home Office

Feng Shui for Home Office

Feng Shui for Home Office

Feng Shui techniques will help create a fully harmonized and organized office in your home. Try and apply this to your work space.

Setting up your home office could be a very practical task, provided you do it with a certain strategy. Feng Shui is a traditional method that is useful for this type of space.

This system promotes well-being and concentration. Applying it to your home office may be beneficial for your work productivity. To ensure that you implement it correctly, we’re going to introduce a series of tips and tricks that will help you create a Zen environment.

The right space for your home office

The first thing you need to decide is where the location of your home office will be. Feng Shui is clear on this – don’t put it in your bedroom.

If you have the luxury of a separate room, it will be a key starting point when applying this technique. You’ll be able to separate your personal and professional life so that you can rest or disconnect from work.

To take it a step further, if you’re able to choose from several rooms in your home, use the best one to put your home office in.

If energy flows into that room, it will attract money more easily. You should keep yourself in contact with the outdoors, so you need to have windows that face the street or outdoors. A room that’s completely inside your home could be overwhelming and not very harmonious.

Feng Shui colors in your office

Color is an essential part of every room in your home, and your home office is no exception. You have to work in there, so why not choose the perfect color to set a productive mood? Feng Shui techniques emphasize the importance of color since they can influence your mood or creativity.

Furthermore, the Ying and Yang theory coupled with the search for balance is fundamental in this regard. The interaction of these primary forces produces the five elements represented by each color.

Depending on what kind of work you do in your office, you can incorporate the different influences of Feng Shui colors:

Blue – related to the element of water and associated with theoretical thoughts or works

Green – associated with wood, which signifies development or growth

Red – linked to fire, for jobs that require passion and high prosperity

Brown – evokes the land that provides the different resources according to Feng Shui

Grey – represents metal, associated with the arrival of desired solutions

Furniture and order in your office in a Feng Shui house

The type of furniture you have in your home office is very important, both in choosing the design or model, and the arrangement. Feng Shui notes that your work desk must be in the center of the room and not against the wall.

You should sit with your back to a wall according to this ideology. It also suggests that the work desk shouldn’t be L-shaped, it should be a more organic curved shape. Opt for only the necessary furniture so your workspace isn’t cluttered and overwhelming.

Your home office should have order so that you can manage things effectively. This is also a concept of Feng Shui. Leaving the desk tidy and the chair in place will provide a harmonious atmosphere, which could even affect your character.

Storing saved documents, books, and resources in a particular place in your office will provide a very positive balance for work activities.

The right light to be productive

Light determines how comfortable, concentrated, and productive you’ll be. You should consider the type or amount of lighting in your office. According to Feng Shui, natural light is preferable.

This attracts a certain purity to your environment and is much less taxing on your eyes while reading or doing other strenuous visual activities. Generally, natural environments have a relaxing effect on people.

Regarding the most appropriate amount of light for your office, Feng Shui suggests balance. Not too bright, not too dark.

This preserves the balance between Ying and Yang in the room. The curtains or blinds help offset the amount of light coming into the room.

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