9 Vastu Tips to Fill Your Home with Positive Energy

Fill Your Home With Positive Energy

Fill Your Home With Positive Energy

Energy is contagious. It is something which cannot be seen but can be felt everywhere. We can experience it within us and all around us. It is a vibration that affects us in our conscious or unconscious mind. Sometimes you just walk into a place and you can feel whether it is a happy place or sad. Isn’t it? This is the energy of the place sending a message to your mind and soul. Our home is an extension of our body and soul and it is filled with energy. We need our home to be blessed with positive energy in order to live a happy, healthy and prosperous life. Our home should be a place that radiates love, warmth and positive energy.

Vastu helps us to build up a positive space that ensures a harmonious flow of positive energy. It also has some simple suggestions to ward off negative energy. We have brought for you 9 simple vastu tips to fill your home with positive energy. Have a look!

​1. Welcome home positive energy

An open inviting beautiful entrance attracts positive energy too. It flows through the front door, so make it welcoming and keep it free from any obstruction. Let the energy flow through your home and fill it with health, wealth and happiness. Make sure that there is no window or door just opposite the front door or else the energy will flow out through it immediately.

2. The magnetic colour

Each colour of the nature plays an important role in the world. Light colours or white are always preferred in home, however, it is better that you add some colour to it. Earth tones especially bring in some soothing energy in a room. The seven colours of rainbow can also bring positive vibration in the space and will look great too. Include colours in your home and feel the positive change it brings.

​3. Just a bowl of salt

Just a bowl of salt can make a huge difference. Salt is believed to be a symbol of purification. It is also believed that it absorbs all the negative energy and balances the flow of energy inside the home. If you are moving to a new home or if you are experiencing something negative in your home, place a bowl of sea salt in the North-East and South-West direction; it is the best way to get rid of negative energy. The home will get cleansed and purified.

​4. De-clutter the clutter

One of the fundamental rules of the Vastu is to keep your home clutter-free. Clutter in the home restricts the movement of positive energy and can result in discord and disharmony in life and home. Organized and clean home looks calm and feels relaxed. Also don’t keep or use anything that broken, burned or unused. It only restricts the flow of positive energy. Throw away anything that brings back unhappy memories immediately out of your house and feel the change it brings in your life.

5. Bring home the nature

The green colour of the nature represents peace and tranquillity. There is something magical in the nature that it reduces anger and anxiety and soothes our mind and soul. Let the nature visit your home daily. Decorate your home with plants and even create an indoor garden. Bamboo, flowering plants or money plants are a good option. Use stones and rocks for that natural texture. Sit amidst the nature and soak in the fresh energy.

​6. Sound of music

Music from wind chime, bells or musical instruments break the negativity and help in the free flow of positive energy. The sound of soothing music welcomes prosperity home. Hang the wind chime or bell at the entrance to welcome the wealth and in the bathroom to prevent wealth from draining out.

​7. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Place mirrors strategically in your home to spread energy in a positive way. The reflective surface of mirrors reflects both positive and negative energy. So why not place it to reflect something beautiful and positive? But avoid mirrors in your bedroom especially if it is reflecting the bed. Mirror can energize the room and it is not good for your sleep.

​8. Fresh and fragrant

Light a few fragrant candles and incense sticks to purify the environment. It fills your home with scented aroma and emits positive energy. Fresh flowers are auspicious. Keep it in a bowl or vase with water in it. Change the water regularly and make sure that the flowers are fresh and fragrant.

​9. Watching from above

Placing a statue, images of God or religious symbols keeps away the negative energy. It fills the environment with positive and peaceful energy. Just be careful that you don’t hang it or place it outside the main entrance door.

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