Fun Ideas to Decorate the Windows in Your House

Decorate Windows

Decorate Windows

Windows have an endless number of options when it comes to decorating. For example, you can use them to display your children’s creations. Want to check out some more ideas?

Having children decorate the windows is an excellent activity to spend some quality time with them. You can help them make things related to each season of the year to beautify the house. For example, you can create decorations for Easter, Christmas, spring, winter, etc. The options are endless!

IKEA has some amazing ideas to have fun with young children at home. You’ll have hours of guaranteed fun! And besides that, your windows will look even more beautiful.

1. A window to the world

Windows allow you to communicate with the outside world. For example, you can use them to display your children’s creations or wish the neighbors a wonderful day.

2. Decorate the windows with colored paper

If you have children, this will be one of those activities that keep them entertained for hours and hours. And if you don’t, you will still definitely enjoy yourself.

You can use paper you have at home to make garlands; everything from old newspapers to rolls of wrapping paper you have lying around will serve this purpose. Hang different lengths along the window frame and combine this with decorative lights. You can change the shape and colors of your creation as the days go by.

3. A window full of plants and flowers

There’s nothing more hopeful than life, and plants transmit energy.

It doesn’t matter if your windows are small or if they face an interior patio. If you can hang plants around them, or create a colorful composition, they will lift your spirits. You can also use artificial plants! There are some very cool looking and well-made ones

4. Lighting up your windows

Lighting up your windows can also be a good idea to decorate and brighten up the view of the neighborhood. For example, you can do this with LED light strips; just cut out a cardboard shape of a heart, star, or circle and wrap a strip of light around it.

If your window has a windowsill on the outside, decorate it as well. Of course, always take care that nothing will fall and cause an accident.

5. Decorate the windows with objects

If you can, place a piece of furniture or a shelf under your window, and create a composition with decorative objects that give depth to the view. We suggest that you use glass bottles of different shapes and sizes (wine bottles or jam jars, anything goes!). And if you need inspiration, take a look at this other article, where we show you how to decorate with bottles of wine.

If you also add candles to your window, the scene will have more effect when it gets dark. Of course, it’s ideal if the candles are LED, for safety reasons.

6. Bring out your artistic streak through your windows

It can be a great idea to let the children be in charge of decorating the windows with water-based paint. Let them use the windows as a board – they can use a damp cloth to erase the pictures and start all over again when they feel like it.

The ultimate goal is to optimize the possibilities that windows offer. You’ll see how simple it is to bring life into your home with these suggestions. And the best thing is that your children will love the ideas as well.

decor tips: fun ideas to decorate the windows in your house.

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