Halls and Corridors – Decorative Objects

Halls and Corridors Decoration

If you choose the right decorative objects for your halls and corridors, these areas will come to life and have a different vibe.

Halls and corridors are a waste of space for some people but they’re a great place to capture a certain style for other folks. In today’s article, we’re going to give you some ideas for decorative objects you can use in these areas that are often forgotten. You must give them the place they deserve!

The best decorative objects for halls and corridors

So, you’re moving to a new house and as soon as you look at the hall or corridor you think to yourself “what a waste of space!” However, it doesn’t have to be just a place to walk through.  By adding some of the following decorative objects you can create a space to enjoy.

  1. Pictures and photographs

This is the first idea that might come to mind when you think of sprucing up a hall or a corridor. Be careful though, this doesn’t mean you should cram the walls with pictures. This is because they’ll make it seem a lot narrower than it is.

That said, you can hang your favorite pictures. Or, just make a collage with the photographs of your last trips. Similarly, how about placing photos of your family in chronological order? As you can see, there are many ideal options for this purpose!

  1. Tapestries

Perhaps you’d like to decorate your hall but you don’t like the idea of ​​putting dozens of nails into the wall to hang your pictures. Why not hang a tapestry? They come in many different sizes and could easily cover a considerable part of a wall.

Tapestries are beautiful decorative objects and they come in various styles and materials. For instance, some are made of wool, others are made of leather, and there are even some made with materials such as cardboard. Not to mention the rice paper ones that are so typical in Japanese decor.

  1. Halls and corridors – mirrors

Are you the kind of person who looks at their reflection in every mirror they come across as they walk down the street? Then you fill your hallway with them!

Opt for mirrors with frames that match the rest of the decor in your corridor, whether the color of the walls or the tone of the floor. Of course, the mirrors don’t have to be identical, but they must all have the same shape.

  1. Consoles

Some pieces of furniture, especially consoles, are also great decorative objects for your hall. However, you must place them against a wall so they take up as little space as possible and don’t get in the way.

You can place all kinds of decorative objects you might have on top of them. They could have a function or just look pretty. For instance, you could have a console with doors and drawers to store all those lose things that still have no place in your home.

  1. Shelves and books

Are you a fan of reading? If so, you probably have many books and you no longer know where to store them. So, consider a library by placing shelves in your hall. These aren’t only great decorative objects for this area but also an excellent way to store your precious treasures.

  1. Chairs

Not that you’ll ever get tired as you go from one room into another. But, chairs and armchairs are both wonderful decorative objects to place in your corridor.

For example, if you have a Louis XV console table then an upholstered matching chair will give a more aristocratic air to the environment.

  1. Lamps

In addition to the fact that you’ll need good lighting in your hallway so as not to bump into anything, lamps can fulfill a more decorative function if you place them strategically.

You can choose between wall lamps and ceiling lamps, as well as table lamps and floor lamps. Garland lights are fashionable right now and they can help create a more welcoming atmosphere.

  1. Halls and corridors – vases

Pottery and vases are perfect for halls and corridors. They come in many different styles and sizes. And, you can put flowers, plants, rocks, and even sand in the clear ones.

As you can see, there are many decorative objects with which to spruce up your hall. Mix and match them as you like!

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