10 Natural Ways To Make Your House Smell Great

House Smell

House Smell

1. Essential Oil Diff users

I love my diffuser because it’s so easy to use! You just fill it with water, pour a few drops of essential oil in, and turn it on. The diffuser creates a fine mist that carries the scent of the essential oils throughout your house. And if you’re as excited about fall as I am, why not embrace it a bit early? Follow the link below for some of my favorite fall-themed essential oil blends that are perfect for your home diffuser.

2. Scented Cleaning Vinegar

When getting rid of unpleasant smells in your home, it’s not enough to just cover them up. A good cleaning session is usually enough to eliminate the source of bad smells. And if you’re using a cleaner that leaves behind a fresh scent – well, that’s even better! Check out the link below to learn how to make a scented cleaning vinegar that not only cleans effectively, but leaves behind a lemon-y fresh scent.

3. Fabric Spray

If you don’t have a diffuser, here is another quick and easy way to improve the smells in your home with essential oils. Just fill a small spray bottle with water, a bit of baking soda, and your favorite essential oil. Shake well, and use as a fabric refreshing spray! Lavender is a natural choice because of it’s calming properties, but citrus oils like lemon, tangerine, sweet orange, and grapefruit are a great way to get a natural energy boost! Get the full recipe by following the link below.

4. Garbage Disposal Cubes

If your garbage disposal is a source of some weird food smells, there’s an easy way to clean it. Follow the link below to learn how to make frozen disposal cleaning cubes using white vinegar and citrus. You won’t believe the difference it makes!

5. Deodorizing Carpet Powder

One of the most overlooked spots for unwanted smells is the fibers in your carpet. Eliminate those odors by making your own deodorizing carpet powder! Sprinkle the powder on your carpets, wait for a few minutes, and vacuum as usual. Not only does the powder help pick up dirt and hair, it also leaves behind a light, fresh scent. Get all the details below!

6. Wax Melts

Anyone have one of those little lamps for scented wax cubes? They’re a great way to fill your home with the scent of your choice, and you don’t have to worry about having an open flame somewhere. You can save yourself a lot of money on those scented wax cubes by making your own! It’s surprisingly easy, and you have full creative control to create a scent that is uniquely you.

7. Car Air Freshener

Okay, you car isn’t exactly a room in your home. But since most of us spend quite a bit of time in our cars, I thought I’d include it in the list anyway. Freshen up the air in your car by making a homemade car-sized air freshener! Read the post below to learn how to make 3 simple car air fresheners.

8. Gel Air Fresheners

Making a gel air freshener is another great way to put essential oils to work. It’s surprisingly easy, and they make great gifts, too!

9. Air Purifying Plants

Potted plants aren’t just for looks; they’re also natural air purifiers. Some of the best are different kinds of palm trees, orchids and peace lilies. For more information on houseplants, check out the link below!

10. Stove-top Potpourri

I usually only think about stovetop potpourri during the holidays, but it’s a great way to freshen the air any time of year! Fill a saucepan with water, add sliced lemon and your favorite herbs, simmer on low heat. Or you can use a mini crockpot as your heat source! (Follow the link below for a detailed post with my favorite potpourri “recipes.”)

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