How to Keep Plants Alive in Your Apartment

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Keep Plants Alive in Your Apartment

If you’ve lived in an apartment long enough, it happens. Even with an A+ effort and continual TLC, your plants end up dying. Those leaves start to brown and the flower petals start to fall. You start to wonder if that plant food was worth the extra money and sadly throw away another plant that you loved.

Sound familiar? Not all of us have a green thumb, but there are some clever ways to provide the right environment where your plants can thrive and live long happy lives. Want to know how to get started? Read below to find out:

Assess Your Humidity Levels

Indoor plants have to have the right consistency when it comes to humidity. As such, you will need to know what type of plants work best in your place, as well as seasonal changes. Most tropical plants are obviously going to require more humidity, but if you happen to live in a less-than-warm locale, there are still ways to add moisture.

For instance, you can place gravel at the bottom of your plant’s container, then place the planter into a dish filled with water. Keeping a spritz bottle for your leaves can also help strengthen your plants.

Over-Watering and Drainage

The roots of your plants will start to rot if they are over-watered or not properly drained from time to time. Rocks and other drainage products can help you keep the right balance of wet versus dry. Allowing the soil to dry just a little bit between watering sessions can also help plants stay alive longer.

Let in the Light

Water is crucial, but light is also very important to a plant’s lifespan. Look around your apartment. If you don’t see a lot of natural light, indoor plants might not be the best decorating scheme for you.

If you do have some windows, conduct some research on the plants you want. Depending on the species, they will need either direct sunlight, partial sunlight or they are shade grown.

Plants that prefer less light will likely turn brown if they are placed in direct sun– so be sure to keep an eye out for this during your watering sessions.

Fertilizer and Pests

Putting a lot of fertilizer in your plants will create impressive growth, but too much will require you to re-pot them, and it will definitely attract a lot of insects in the summertime. A general rule for plants is to use a soluble fertilizer three times during the growing period, which is typically spring and summer.

Choose Your Plant Wisely

If you are notorious for killing houseplants, there are some resilient species you might want to consider. For instance, snake plants, African violets, and aloe are relatively low-maintenance and don’t require a strict watering schedule.

Don’t Move Your Plants Too Much

You might be tempted to rearrange your plants, but just like your pets, plants like to stay put in one home. Once you’ve found the right amount of sunlight for your plant, leave it be. Moving it around too much can send it into a state of shock.

It’s doesn’t take a remarkable green thumb to give your plants a happy home. With a few watering smarts and research on what your plants need, your ferns, flowers, and cacti can thrive.

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