How to Design an Impressive Lobby?


Design an impressive lobby

What are the things that have to be taken into consideration when designing a lobby?

The guest’s first impression is made after seeing the entrance hall or the lobby. We will give you some ideas or references in order to get more customers and to impress them.

More and more hotels are redecorating the lobby because of the new trends and because they are trying to make their guests have the best possible experience.

First of all, keep the focus on the location, transmitting the same feeling you get when you visit a certain place is very important and of course the comfort you have at home. That means, if you are visiting Paris the hotel should include traditional elements or elements that are representative. The design has to tell a story about its location, maybe bringing local art is a way to do that.

Second of all, the comfortable sofas and lounges are a must for the lobby. Why? Because the guests are tired when they arrive at the hotel and they need to relax.

Hotels that are more extravagant also include in their design, exclusive lights, chandeliers, waterfalls or even green spaces full of flowers.

Further, we will discover some interesting designs for lobbies in different countries and styles.

  1. This impressive lobby tells a story from the first look you take and its representative decorations with trees and flowers from China, makes you feel like you are in a huge garden surrounded by nature. The chandelier also looks like a tree and the overall view is just amazing.
  2. This second lobby is also representative for its location. The lights are made in a way that they look like waves. Just by looking at them, you get a calm feeling. What is the first image you get in mind when thinking of Bahamas? My first image is with those long beaches and beautiful deep pink flowers. The exact same thing we find in this design. Comfortable sofas, a table covered with glass and full of petals inside.
  3. Curved lines and simple structure for this next lobby. Customers will get a memorable experience just by keeping it minimalistic and pure.
  4. Using warm colors for the design and lighting helps to transmit a very inviting and cozy feeling, even though the hotel is luxurious. The lobby has to have that. We find in this Chicago lobby, earthy colors and gold, it has a great impact, makes you feel very welcoming and all that with a touch of luxury.
  5. When there is a tall ceiling, use it in your advantage. This example is perfect, using wall decorations combined with lights and comfortable lounges. The most important aspect is to create a cozy space. Furniture made out of wood, carpets and as we can see in this picture this lobby has a plus: the fireplace.

Ideal would be to mix all of the elements in order to make the guests feel welcome, great and have an amazing and memorable experience. If you succeed on doing that then they will return over and over again. Keep in mind the elements that we just discovered together and use them wisely.

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