10 Original Nightstand Ideas

Nightstand ideas

Nightstand Ideas

Nightstands are our loyal companions but what about giving them a new look? Check out what we found to spur on your creativity.

We need nightstands more than we think. They sit loyally by us as we sleep, hold many things and can add to our bedroom decor. But we tend to think of them as a boring piece of furniture with drawers. Check out these original nightstand ideas and make your room a place to dream.

Keys for a unique nightstand

According to Feng Shui, you need two nightstands by your bed if you want a balanced romantic life. If you don’t have a significant other, the balance refers to your ability to balance your feminine and masculine sides instead.

A nightstand is one of the elements that can really balance out a bedroom setting. But in order to find that sublime balance, you have to be a little creative. Most people just use a set of boring nightstands that come in a set with other furniture pieces.

But you have original and interesting options at your fingertips. Some fit perfectly in small rooms, others for dreamy decor; meanwhile, you can always find both unique and classical designs. Just remember that you should have a set of two identical nightstands.

Feel free to experiment by setting a chair nearby one and a wooden drawer inside the other. With the right ideas, your nightstands can create a more intimate space just for you.

A little nightstand inspiration

  1. Step-stool

The BEKVÄM step-stool is of Ikea’s most versatile pieces. If can help you reach high-up places in your pantry or serve as a nightstand. Paint it in your bedroom colors and pair it with another simpler desk for a beautiful setting.

  1. Simple stool

Stools might be an old-time piece that doesn’t normally enjoy the spotlight, but they work for everything. Stools have always been around in homes and they really come in handy when you need more seating. Ever thought about making them the star of your bedroom? Just look at how beautiful they can look.

  1. Barrel

Yup, you read that right – a barrel. Your average metal barrel can transform into a chic nightstand with a little paint and design. They look great in industrial or urban decor settings.

  1. Crates

Wooden crates and pallets have become a powerful decor ally. They can be beautiful nightstands and you can stack them in different ways and paint them… they’re so versatile!

  1. Swing

Okay, we admit it – a swing nightstand might not be your most stable option, but how can you not go for this? You just need a piece of wood and some rope to give your room a Bohemian face-lift. Make sure to avoid placing heavy or big objects on it.

  1. Steps

This small set of distressed, wooden steps makes a perfect nightstand and decor element at the same time. Set books upon its steps and use it as a little bookcase for your night-reading.

  1. Suitcase

If you love vintage, antique suitcases are just for you. Set it up on some legs as you see in the photo. Or, stack various suitcases on top of each other to make a nightstand. If your pieces are really old, consider giving them a layer of chalk paint.

  1. Chair

It can’t get simpler than this. Paint a chair in a color that fits your color palette to make a practical nightstand. You might miss out on drawers, but if you already have enough storage space in your room, no problem!

  1. Wooden stump

Love nature? This idea’s for you. Use a thick, wooden stump as a nightstand— it’s that easy. This option can look especially great in Nordic decor styles.

  1. Drawer

Attach a drawer to your wall to make it seem like it’s floating mid-air. It’s perfect for minimalists and small bedrooms. Without taking up much space, it offers you a spot for your essential items.

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