The Best Tricks For Rooms Without Windows

Rooms Without Windows

Rooms Without Windows

Spaces without windows are nothing unusual. Often it is the bathroom, the dressing room or a converted cellar, yet it’s still not a major problem if the interior layout is appropriate. The furniture, as well as floor and walls, must compensate for this shortfall. But if you think that bright colours are your only option for that windowless room, you’re in for a treat. Yes, the end result can be quite attractive when bringing bright colours into a dark space, yet various lighting techniques also offer the possibility to imitate daylight. Rooms without windows can be almost as creative and individual as any other room. However, before you start planning, you should be sufficiently inspired. And don’t focus on solely furnishings for that windowless room, but also take your personal taste and style into consideration.

  1. A bathroom with no window

The colour of the wall contributes significantly to the lighting of a room. Especially in bathrooms without windows, light colours are often used in tiles and walls. However, the bathroom also makes it much easier to compensate for the lack of windows, since in most bathrooms very large mirrors are installed, which also reflect the light.

However, the ceiling design also plays an important role in the bathroom in order to create optimal light conditions. In this case, it would make sense to consider the installation of a false ceiling (also known as a drop ceiling). By opting for this design, the light can be distributed more easily in the room while, at the same time, avoid a bunch of lighting cables taking up more space. The style can also further be enhanced by using a soft colour for the lighting in various shades, which definitely promotes a tranquil ambience perfect for relaxing in a huge tub.

  1. Attractive floor designs and furniture

In windowless rooms, a pleasing floor design can contribute to the flair of the entire room. The choice of colours should be reduced to pastel tones or bright shades so that the room does not lose any further brightness. If done correctly, furniture in bright colours can serve as a brilliant replacement for missing lighting. Just know that the chosen furniture pieces need to be lighter than the shade of the flooring.

Due to the slightly darker tone of the floor, an appealing contrast is automatically generated. The viewer forgets all about the missing window and focuses more on the harmonious look of furniture and flooring. And regarding the choice of material for the floor, let practicality and personal tastes guide you. Just bear in mind, however, that certain rooms, like dressing rooms, are usually fitted with soft carpets that go better with being barefoot.

  1. Optimal lighting

A room without windows has to function without natural daylight. The use of dark colours, without exception, should be avoided so that the room still has an appealing flair. Certain rooms, such as a dressing room, do not necessarily require daylight. Adequate and well thought-out lighting is highly recommended here in order to obtain the quality of daylight. In addition, the choice of furniture should be given special attention.

If you consider bright colours for your furniture, this can encourage the effect of lighting. But keep in mind that you don’t want to resort to a clinical effect, which means your lighting needs to be extended evenly across the entire room, illuminating all areas clearly yet not harshly.

  1. Decorations by nature

Plants always have a positive effect on a room and are particularly useful when a room has no windows. The plant brings a natural effect into the space, which is exactly what is missing due to the lacking window. With one or more potted plants, you can tastefully decorate the entire room. This contributes to the enrichment of the room and ensures variety.

Your choice is not only potted house plants, but also a fresh bouquet of flowers in a stylish vase. The space can be designed so interesting that a missing window is not noticed at all. Keep in mind that this effect can be enhanced by opting for furniture made from natural materials, like wood or wicker.

  1. Stylish accessories

Accessories can flood a room with brightness. They can be a real eye-catcher whenever they are part of a tasteful composition of different elements. The effect of mirrors should not be underestimated in this context, since they also reflect light, which is particularly useful in a room with no windows.

Even if sufficient lighting is available in the room and this is supported by adequate lighting sources, the effect of different accessories definitely enhances the room’s ambience. This is, of course, also dependent on the design of the decorative objects. Brilliant and bright materials can be displayed much more effectively. They not only provide an individual eye-catcher, but also reflect the light in different places at different points. This gives the room variety, which also benefits the flair significantly.

  1. Pictures provide variety

Images are not only an expression of the cultural understanding, but also interesting objects that attract attention. This is all the more important when there’s no window to provide a beautiful view of the outdoors.

When displayed a certain way, pictures and wall art can provide a striking effect, perfectly capturing the viewer’s attention. They ensure that the viewer not only permanently focuses on the image, but also views it as part of a work of art. With appropriate lighting added, the end result can be amazing. Thus, with a wall art piece, you have the opportunity to distract from a missing window while simultaneously enhancing the style of the room.

  1. Highlight a focal point

The unusual lights in this room draw you in, but the wallpaper behind the bed really captures the eye with its unique pattern. With white furniture, beige accents, and fewer dark tones, this bedroom is instantly brightened.

Using minimal dark tones while adding lots of brightness with light coloured furniture or funky lighting will really help open up a bedroom without windows. Also, adding a focal point, whether it’s a cool wallpaper or a gorgeous, vibrant piece of art, can make the room stand out without the need for a window to bring light in.

  1. Embrace the dark

On the other hand, embracing the darkness might actually help you bring natural light into a room with no windows. For windowless rooms, consider going old school and using candles, chandeliers, and even a fireplace to spark light. This living room feels almost medieval with its large wooden beamed ceiling and grandiose fireplace — this really helps to open up the room and make it feel luxurious rather than shadowy or gloomy. With classic shades of browns and greens, the space feels more natural and breathable. The creamy beige walls keep this room from looking too dark.

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