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Hallways and corridors which are in the central part of a home often tend to be ignored when the important rooms of a new house are being decorated. If corridors are between bathroom and bedroom they tend to be used as a utility section with washing machine and dryer and an ironing board if there is sufficient space. Sometimes families turn this into a storage zone with large walk in ceiling to floor length cupboards. Usage of corridors change with time as a family’s needs and tastes go through several phases as children grow up and new generations inherit the house.

Though plenty of ideas are available online and offline about best ways to decorate the long corridor at home it is best to use your personal judgment to find the best use for it. Always keep in mind that a corridor is an essential thoroughfare of the house and additions to its natural structure should not restrict movement. Here are some interesting corridor decoration ideas offered by our experts to utilize this extra space in your home.

Carpet in a corridor

As corridors are generally used as a thoroughfare in the house or as a place to keep wet objects like raincoats, umbrellas or shoes on rainy days these are rarely carpeted. Most people are of the opinion that carpeting corridors are a waste of money as these become dirty often which makes it tough to maintain them.

To give the long wide corridor with wide doors on either side a more regal appearance the area is decorated only with an antique walnut dresser and carved long bench. As the corridor is pretty long two long carpets of similar color have been laid across the floor to retain color symmetry.

Shoerack in the corridor

Entrance hallway is the best place for keeping a shoe rack to prevent dirty shoes from entering the house. Some people prefer to have open cubby hole shoe racks as it is easy to store and remove the shoes and one can also have varying cube sizes for accommodation of different types of footwear. This form of shoe rack will ensure that every member puts their shoes away and hallway is tidy and clean.

For taking off and putting on shoes with laces and buckles one always has to look around for a stool or bench to sit down that takes up precious time on busy mornings.

Hallway bookshelf

Hallways that are at a dead end or in between bedrooms are best places to set up bookshelves that can be set up inside the walls. As these places are narrow bookshelves have to be open to facilitate easy movement of traffic in the area. The twin rows of bookshelves in this wide and long corridor can accommodate an enormous number of books for the whole family. Long orange futon on the opposite side of the corridor can be used as a comfortable place to relax and read book on a lazy afternoon. 

If storage space in children’s rooms is sparse then the shelves of this long bookshelf can be allotted for them for schoolbooks and storybook collections. Bright overhead lights make it easier to find books and keep them back. When designing a built in wall unit in the corridor for books make sure that every shelf backs up neatly into the wall to avoid injuries from jutting out edges.

Decorating with frames

Photo frames are nice for hanging over the mantelpiece but some families prefer to keep them private and this is when hallways become display areas for keeping family photos. Long corridors like these that are not part of regular thoroughfare in the house can be ideal places to keep large and small frames of family memories, majestic landscapes or even of beloved pets. But while hanging out frames in corridors one should keep in mind that these areas generally have little sunlight and fresh air which increases chances of moisture on them that can lead to gradual destruction of pictures and metal frames.

In this long corridor the designer has made a smart move of creating a long skylight above half the area for sunlight filtration to keep out moisture. As concrete and wood tend to absorb moisture, the wall of this corridor is made of sandstone that stays dry. Mixed collection of small and large photos framed in gold enhances the attractiveness of small traditional figurines on the bookshelf.

Corridor Lamps

Whoever said that subdued recessed lights would be enough for corridors that are rarely used had probably not seen this entrancing chandelier and wall lamp combination. From time immemorial long corridors in castles, palaces and suburban homes have been lit up with lights embedded in the walls and this corridor is not an exception. As the overall color scheme of the corridor is black and white the lamps in the area too are black and white.

Ethereal white chandelier lends a luminous glow to the corridor and lights up the entire corridor so everything can be seen clearly even against the black and white floor tiles. The designer has cleverly created an extra frame on the wall to keep the pictures which makes the larger frame look like an album. Side table with slim fit drawers can be used as a storage unit to keep new photographs that can be replaced with the framed photos every few weeks.

Say it with mirrors

Just because corridors are dark areas with little direct sunlight it does not mean that these have to be grim and dull. Bright colored walls and light colored furniture can perk up even the dullest of corridors making them look livable and cheerful. The corridor visible in this picture had been converted into a dumping ground for broken toys and discarded items from the living room until the owners decided to give it a makeover with mirrors and smart furniture.

Fresh coat of light blue and white paint give an air of vitality to the area which is enhanced when even the old bust on a pedestal and metal rack are brightened with the same color. Large circular mirrors frames give a pretty contrast to blue walls and can be used as a go to place for giving oneself a look over before stepping out of the house.

Flowerpots in the corridor

People that love flowers and cannot get enough of them would do well by using empty corridors as a place to keep small houseplants. If you do not have time to rear real plants and carry them in and out of the house every other day for sunlight then artificial plants and flowers are also an option. The biggest advantage about artificial plants is that you do not have to bother about water or sunlight and they can be purchased in suitable colors to match the corridor’s color.

In this picture we see a lovely combination of colors that are enhanced by the light pink and white flowers in tiny pots on colonial style dresser. Light blue wallpaper with white lacy pattern harmoniously blends into the white walls of the corridor with light colored timber floor. In keeping with the mood of the flower pots the floor is decorated with flower patterned rugs that contrast with bright magenta dresser.

Wallpaper in the corridor

Regal dog statues maintain vigil over this entrance way corridor that does not allow narrow size to diminish its importance. Designed with care and thought like a regular room in the house this corridor has simple grey and white patterned wallpaper on one wall only as the other side has French windows of the living room. This wallpaper presents a striking contrast to silver framed mirror on the wall though it is in perfect symphony with grey cushioned bench that is elongated and can easily be accommodated here to keep all the shoes of family members below it. Pretty colorful tiles before the bench add a touch of brightness to this light colored corridor.
homify: Cool tips to decorate a home corridor. 16. September 2018.

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