5 Reminders Before You Open Your Swimming Pool in Spring

Reminders Before You Open Your Swimming Pool in Spring

It might not feel like it, but pool season is fast approaching, and for many American families it means more time for outdoor activities. The warmer weather is perfect for picnics, barbecue parties, or lounging under the perfectly blue skies. This is also when many start to open their swimming pools again.

When it comes to opening the pool, you cannot just remove the sturdy solid or mesh winter safety cover, then plunge in the water right away. You have to observe certain guidelines to ensure your pool is ready for swimming activities and safe for your family to swim in. Take a look at the following pool start-up reminders:

  1. Remove the Debris off the Cover

Before you detach the cover from its anchors, make sure to remove the accumulated debris on top of it. Clean it off with water, and then carefully remove it from the pool. After that, spread the solid or mesh winter safety cover and let it dry before folding it up. This will eliminate possible mold growth and staining for your next use.

  1. Check Pump and Filter

The circulation system can work efficiently for a very long time, on average several years. You should always check, though, if it is still in tip-top condition, especially when opening your pool for the spring. Throughout you pool’s season, you may need to remove debris through regular filter cleanings.

  1. Shock the Pool

Shocking the pool simply means oxidizing it with larger doses of chlorine. This removes any algae or bacteria that might have grown over months when the pool was unused. Just remember to follow the proper instructions for the chemicals and have the filtration system running when you do it. For a more in-depth walk through, check out our Pool Maintenance Hub.

  1. Check the Water Balance

Most pool builders recommend an alkalinity of 80 to 120 ppm and pH of 7.2 to 7.8. Use a test kit to test your water and to know how much of each adjusting chemical to add to bring your water into balance prior to use. You can always bring your water to a local Latham dealer to test as well.

  1. Make a Retest

After adding the required measures, leave the pool for a day then check if the water still needs treatment. Simply make the necessary adjustments if you have to. When your pool is ready, make it a point to have a regular maintenance. This will guarantee that the water is safe and that you can enjoy the warmer seasons ahead.

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