Yoga Room Ideas: How to Create a Home Sanctuary

Yoga Room Ideas

Yoga Room Ideas

When the yoga studios are closed and the weather’s too hot or cold for outdoor yoga, why not keep up the practice with your own at-home yoga sanctuary? All you need is a little bit of floor space (enough for full-body stretching!) and the right lighting, art, decor and scented candles to set the mood. Because yoga is meditative, creating an at-home yoga space that’s set apart from your daily routine is essential. It should be a space for you to “get away” when you can’t get away – an at-home sanctuary of sorts.

  1. Clear the Space

Doing yoga in a cramped space is anything but ideal, so make sure the room is cleared away or at least mostly clear. If you’re using a spare room, push the furniture up against the walls (if it is not already). If you can stretch out on the floor and not touch anything, you’re good to go!

  1. Set the Mood Lighting

If you’re practicing yoga during the day, let in the natural light. This will help you to feel more connected to nature – when you can’t physically be in it. If you’re practicing yoga at night, turn on the lights! Dim them down to create mood (if you have a dimmer) or fix a table lamp or floor lamp with a low-blue-light bulb for calmer lighting. You can even try red lights, which are conducive for sleeping but can also be used to help create a calmer ambiance.

  1. Bring in Fresh Plants

A little bit of greenery is as “yoga” as it gets, so bring in planters and pots of your favorite flowers, indoor trees and plants. Like natural light, plants will help to trigger a feeling of connectivity to the natural world – and maybe even find your inner peace.

  1. Infuse Aroma

Invoke the senses like the real studios do! Use an essential oil diffuser, incense or scented candles to ease the mood and remind you to breathe deeply. Lavender, rose and lemon are often used in professional yoga studios for their known calming benefits. You can even bring in some aromatic indoor plants – like lemon balm, jasmine, gum trees and orchids.

  1. Set the Decor

Just because your yoga sanctuary should be calm doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Instead of the default white walls, incorporate paint colors for relaxation – like purples, blues, beiges and greens. Surround yourself with things you love; place figurines on wall shelves or curate a corner with an accent table devoted to your favorite objects. Hang up wall art of scenes like oceans and mountains, and if you really want to get authentic, tapestries and decor inspired by Eastern cultures.

  1. Play Some Music

No matter the type of yoga you practice, music is almost guaranteed to improve the experience. If you want to kick your asana poses into high gear for a more intense cardio workout, play some of your favorite jams – with high-energy rhythms. If you’d rather use your space to meditate, ambient music or nature sounds will get the job done.

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