Anzali Lagoon

Anzali Lagoon

Anzali Lagoon (also Anzali Mordab) is a coastal lagoon, in the Caspian Sea near Bandar-e Anzali, in the northern Iranian province of Gilan. The lagoon divides Bandar-e Anzali into two parts, and is home to both the Selke Wildlife Refuge and the Siahkesheem Marsh.

Anzali Lagoon is one of the most interesting and greatest natural habitats of fauna in Iran and annually welcomes many birds that enter Iran from the neighboring countries. Anzali Lagoon is not comparable to any other lagoons in Iran due to its geographical position and in terms of its high humidity and water. The most famous plant in Anzali Lagoon which is world famous is “nelubium capsicum” which makes this lagoon be called nelubium capsicum.

One of the most beautiful water landscapes in the region is the international Anzali Lagoon. This lagoon is the place for aquatic spawn and the shelter for native and migratory birds and also the most important source of sturgeon and bony fish production in the Caspian Sea. There are outstanding islands in the lagoon and the two magnificent cities of Anzali Lagoon and Abkenar are located on its coast.

Anzali Lagoon was registered in 1354 in the list of international lagoons of Ramsar Convention. “Ramsar Convenstion, 1975”. Bird Life International Organization declared this lagoon as an important shelter birds.

Anzali Lagoon is one of the registered international lagoons in Iran. This lagoon is one of the first lagoons registered in Ramsar Convention in 1971.

Anzali Lagoon: A Symphony of Life in the Caspian Sea’s Embrace

Anzali Lagoon, nestled along the Caspian Sea in Iran’s lush Gilan province, is far more than just a body of water. It’s a vibrant symphony of life, an ecological mosaic woven from shimmering water, verdant marshlands, and a chorus of avian whispers. This coastal lagoon, cradled by the Caspian Sea and embraced by Bandar-e Anzali, divides the city into two, yet unites a multitude of creatures within its borders.

A Sanctuary for Diverse Life:

Anzali Lagoon’s unique geographical position, high humidity, and freshwater source make it a magnet for an astounding array of fauna. Migratory birds, weary from their long journeys, find respite in its welcoming waters, mingling with resident species in a harmonious symphony of chirps and calls. From majestic swans gliding across the mirrored surface to the intricate dances of grebes, the lagoon becomes a stage for avian artistry.

The waters below host a vibrant ballet of their own. Sturgeon, prehistoric giants of the Caspian Sea, navigate the depths alongside schools of bony fish, their scales flashing like scattered jewels. This underwater tapestry extends to the marshlands that fringe the lagoon, where amphibians hop between reeds and insects buzz, contributing to the intricate food chain that sustains this diverse ecosystem.

Nelumbo: A Botanical Crown Jewel:

Anzali Lagoon’s claim to fame extends beyond its feathered and finned residents. The world-renowned nelumbo capsicum, also known as the sacred lotus, flourishes here, transforming the water into a canvas of floating emerald leaves and vibrant pink blooms. These magnificent flowers, steeped in symbolism and cultural significance, add another layer of magic to the lagoon’s already enchanting allure.

A Landscape of Unspoiled Beauty:

Beyond the teeming life, Anzali Lagoon is a feast for the eyes. Dotted with verdant islands that rise like emeralds from the water, the lagoon paints a picture of breathtaking serenity. Abkenar and Bandar-e Anzali, cities adorned with history and charm, rest on its shores, adding a touch of human beauty to the natural spectacle.

A Beacon of Global Recognition:

The significance of Anzali Lagoon extends beyond Iran’s borders. Recognizing its ecological riches, the Ramsar Convention, an international treaty dedicated to wetland conservation, designated it as a protected area in 1971. Bird Life International, a prominent bird conservation organization, further solidified its importance by declaring it a vital bird refuge.

Challenges and Hope:

Despite its ecological grandeur, Anzali Lagoon faces challenges. Pollution, encroaching development, and unsustainable fishing practices threaten its delicate balance. However, the recognition it has received from international bodies and the dedication of local communities to its preservation offer a glimmer of hope.

A Symphony Enduring:

Anzali Lagoon is more than just a wetland; it’s a pulsating heart, a testament to the resilience of nature and the importance of conservation. From the graceful pirouette of a swan to the vibrant tapestry of the lotus blooms, the lagoon echoes with the symphony of life. It beckons us to protect its delicate melodies, ensuring that future generations can witness the breathtaking beauty and ecological significance of this Caspian treasure.

This extended version delves deeper into the natural wonders of Anzali Lagoon, highlighting its diverse fauna, the iconic nelumbo capsicum, and the breathtaking landscapes. It also touches upon its global recognition and the challenges it faces, emphasizing the importance of conservation efforts to ensure the lagoon’s symphony of life continues to resonate for generations to come.

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