Chahkooh Canyon

Chahkooh Canyon

Qeshm’s Chahkooh Canyon is the Great Canyon of the Middle-East. The surreal shapes of the colossal rocks of the canyon are the result of millennia of erosion by rain and wind. Chahkooh’s notoriety among the natives as the abode of the Devil’s spawn has been advantageous to the region’s tourism. Many adventurous souls come to the canyon to visit the seat of the fiends. Hiking tours people the area especially during the tourist season. Chahkooh is also a significant ecological site and attracts thousands of birdwatchers and nature lovers every year to its pristine sights. In the recent years, Qeshm Island has turned into a major asset for Iran’s flourishing tourism industry. But Qeshm’s Chahkooh Valley isn’t the only natural miracle of Qeshm. We can also tell you about at least two other natural wonders and a historically significant military fort of the 16th century, all the best of Qeshm’s tourist attractions.

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