Churat lake

Churat Lake

Churat lake is placed near Sari city in Mazandaran province. Around the lake, you can see a European landscape.

Churat Lake in Mazandaran Province is located in Chahardangeh in Sari County. The lake was created as a result of an earthquake in 1320 and landslide followed by the spring water being closed beside the lake. The lake is about 2.5 hectares. Being close to Churat Village, the lake is called Churat Lake. When water is decreased, appearance of the remaining trees creates a stunning view in the location of the lake. This lake is one of the most beautiful recreational attractions in Mazandaran Province.

The reason that has made the lake special is not only nature around. It has another reason; how it was created. In the past, here was a river that because of earthquake it was blocked and as a result, the lake was created. when the level of water goes down, you can see trunks of trees which existed before.

Local people believe that migratory birds have brought the spawns of fish to the lake. Others think that when the birds swam in waters, the spawns were stuck to their wings and after immigrating to Churat lake, they were released. Seeing nature, crossing the lake, hearing sound of wind and birds, are just a fraction of beauties of this region.

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