Churat lake

Churat Lake

Churat lake is placed near Sari city in Mazandaran province. Around the lake, you can see a European landscape.

Churat Lake in Mazandaran Province is located in Chahardangeh in Sari County. The lake was created as a result of an earthquake in 1320 and landslide followed by the spring water being closed beside the lake. The lake is about 2.5 hectares. Being close to Churat Village, the lake is called Churat Lake. When water is decreased, appearance of the remaining trees creates a stunning view in the location of the lake. This lake is one of the most beautiful recreational attractions in Mazandaran Province.

The reason that has made the lake special is not only nature around. It has another reason; how it was created. In the past, here was a river that because of earthquake it was blocked and as a result, the lake was created. when the level of water goes down, you can see trunks of trees which existed before.

Local people believe that migratory birds have brought the spawns of fish to the lake. Others think that when the birds swam in waters, the spawns were stuck to their wings and after immigrating to Churat lake, they were released. Seeing nature, crossing the lake, hearing sound of wind and birds, are just a fraction of beauties of this region.

Churat Lake: A Serene Oasis amidst the verdant landscapes of Mazandaran

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Iran’s Mazandaran province, Churat Lake emerges as a tranquil oasis, a haven of natural beauty and tranquility. Its serene waters, surrounded by an enchanting tableau of European-inspired flora, beckon visitors seeking respite from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

A Geological Marvel Born from Adversity

The origins of Churat Lake trace back to a remarkable geological event – a devastating earthquake that struck the region in 1320. The seismic tremors triggered a landslide, causing an obstruction in the flow of a nearby river. This obstruction led to the formation of a natural dam, impounding water and giving rise to the enchanting Churat Lake.

The lake’s name derives from its proximity to Churat Village, a quaint settlement that harmoniously blends with the surrounding natural splendor. With an area of approximately 2.5 hectares, Churat Lake presents a picturesque spectacle, especially when the water level recedes, revealing the skeletal remnants of submerged trees, their gnarled branches reaching out like submerged sentinels.

A Sanctuary for Nature Enthusiasts

Churat Lake has rightfully earned its reputation as one of Mazandaran’s most captivating recreational attractions. Visitors are drawn to the lake’s serene atmosphere, where the gentle lapping of water against the shore provides a soothing backdrop to the symphony of bird calls echoing through the air.

The lake’s surroundings offer ample opportunities for exploration and leisure. Hiking trails meander through the verdant forests, leading to hidden vantage points that unveil breathtaking panoramic views of the lake and the surrounding countryside.

A Mystery of Aquatic Life

The lake’s aquatic life remains shrouded in mystery. Local folklore attributes the presence of fish in Churat Lake to migratory birds, believed to have carried fish eggs on their feathers during their seasonal migrations. Others speculate that fish eggs were inadvertently transferred to the lake as birds landed on the water’s surface.

Regardless of its origins, the presence of fish adds to the lake’s allure, attracting anglers and nature enthusiasts eager to witness the vibrant life that thrives beneath the lake’s tranquil surface.

A Symphony of Natural Wonders

Churat Lake offers a symphony of natural wonders, captivating visitors with its diverse array of flora and fauna. The lake’s surroundings are home to a rich tapestry of plant life, including towering trees, vibrant wildflowers, and fragrant herbs, creating a picturesque backdrop for the lake’s tranquil waters.

The lake’s avian inhabitants add to the enchantment, with a chorus of bird calls echoing through the air. Visitors may spot a variety of bird species, including colorful songbirds, majestic eagles, and graceful waterbirds, each playing their part in the lake’s vibrant ecosystem.

A Treasured Destination for Tranquility

Churat Lake stands as a cherished destination for those seeking escape from the pressures of daily life. Its serene atmosphere, coupled with its stunning natural beauty, provides a sanctuary for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether strolling along the lake’s edge, taking a leisurely boat ride, or simply basking in the tranquility of the surroundings, visitors are sure to find solace and inspiration at Churat Lake.

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