Martian Mountains

Martian Mountains

Martian Mountains in Chah Bahar

Chah Bahar or Chabahar is a city in Sistan and Baluchestan Province in Iran and it is the only ocean port in Iran that is located in the shore of Oman Sea and Indian Ocean. Its harbor is capable of mooring ocean liner ships and it is considered a free commercial zone in Iran.
Regardless of its commercial position, Chabahar has many other historical and natural attractions. The weather in this city and its roundabouts is always like spring weather and mild and that is why it has been called Chabahar or Chahar Bahar (meaning four springs). Chabahar is the center of Chabahar Province which is in the south eastern side of Iran near the warm waters of Indian Ocean.

Miniature or Martian Mountains are part of the beautiful lively nature of the city of Chabahar. Although the trip to Mars is not too distant, perhaps we could see a symbol of the other planets on Earth.
Mars Mountains have been under Oman Sea for several million years such that they were a small part of Indian Ocean and had gradually come out of water. The tectonic processes, including the subduction of Oman crust and water erosion, are considered to be some of the most important reasons for the formation of these mountains.
The Small grooves and homogeneous slopes on these mountains are the reason behind naming them. That’s why they have a real extraterrestrial appearance. Badland Mountains or Mars Mountains are one of the sights that are dragged along the shore from Kachu Area to Gowater Gulf and are one of the geomorphological phenomena in the area.

The common feature of these areas is the lack of vegetation and pasture value. Miniature Mountains are sedimentary and, according to experts, in the distant past, they were buried under the soil. They have been submerged by the passing of time and help of rainy monsoon.
According to current investigations, Miniature Mountains tissues whose history goes back to the third period of tertiary geological period, that is, 4-5 million years ago are sandstone and marn.

The marsh mountains bring man made landscapes from the mountains of the moon to mankind, and their sedimentary rocks, as well as the erosion of the mountains, have created beautiful grooves and grooves that seem to have depicted their sketchy paintings. These mountains are chuck-chuck and have bad temper and lack of vegetation. Due to this unusual nature, in recent years, among tourists, they have become known as the “Merichi Mountains” and are among the examples of Badlands and a special ecological phenomenon.
Unlike the Red Planet or Mars that is seen red, they are light grey. Furthermore, there are various fossils of creatures such as shells and fish on the body of the mountains which are indescribable.
Miniature Mountains are one of the contemporary and alluring attractions in Chabahar Area and the sky on that point can simultaneously observe 14 constellations.

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