Rudkhan Castle

Rudkhan Castle

The Rudkhan Castle is made from brick and stone. It is a medieval castle in the Gilan province of Iran. It is located 25 km southwest of Fuman city north of Iran in Gilan province, it is a military complex which had been constructed during the Sasanian era (224-651), and later rebuilt during the Seljuq era by the Nizari. Ismailis Rudkhan is built on the top of two mountains and occupies 50.000 sq. m.of area. While constructing the fort the architects benefited from the natural mountainous features of the territory. Rudkhan Castle was built by the Gilaks to defend against the Arab invaders during the Arab/Islamic invasion to Iran. Its architects have benefited from natural mountainous features in the construction of the fort. After crossing a mountainous winding route with dense forests, the first thing that one notices about the castle is its big entrance gate. The Rudkhan Castle River originates in the surrounding heights and flows from south to north. 

The castle is in amazingly good shape compared to other castles in Iran and the reason for that is the remoteness and inaccessibility of it specially in olden days without the present modern day equipment.

Also it appeals both to nature lovers as well as people who love history and historical monuments.Because the castle is situated in a thick jungle area, the parts that have not been restored has undergone degradation and somehow become a part of jungle in a very strange and interesting way. 

Once you could notice an inscription above its front entrance which stated that the fort was renovated for the first time in 1539-1542, but now that plaque is displayed in a museum in Rasht.

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