Sassanid Palace

Sassanid Palace

The Sassanid Palace at Sarvestan is a Sassanid-period working in the Iranian area of Sarvestan, somewhere in the range of 90 km southeast from the city of Shiraz. The royal residence was implicit the fifth century AD, and was either a gubernatorial living arrangement or a Zoroastrian fire sanctuary.

The Sarvestan Palace was worked by the Sasanian ruler Bahramgur (r. 420-438), and commands an enormous, purge plain. The name “castle” is somewhat deceptive, in light of the fact that the landmark’s capacity is not so much caught on. It might in actuality have been a chasing lodge or even a haven. The issue is confounded by the way that there seems to have been a little building, quite recently north of the royal residence; its capacity is obscure.

This 25 hectares complex in comparison with other Sassanid architectures has a more complex and diverse style of building, and has the oldest brick dome in Iran.

The approximate dimensions of the palace are 43 by 37 meters and its main facade is towards southwest. It has 3 terraces that behind the central terrace there is a square hall with domed brick ceiling and it has access to new routes from four directions.

Some researchers of Sassanid architecture with regard to the advanced technique in the design and details of the building think that it belongs to the late Sassanid period, and they believe that the construction of this building was one of the first steps towards a special construction style of which the Gothic architecture can be seen as its ultimate realization.

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