Shevi Waterfall

Shevi Waterfall

Shevi Waterfall is one of the greatest and most beautiful waterfalls in Iran which is located in Zagros Mountains and in Sardash Area of Dezful licated in Khuzestan Province with a little distance from Lorestan Province and between Sartang Shevi Mountains, 10 kilometers from Tale Zang Rail station and on Tehran-South Railroad which is the easiest way to Loeestan Rail Station.

Considered to be one of the tallest and largest waterfalls of the middle east, the Shevi waterfall in a must-see destination for any traveler and tourist. From the adventure of trekking in a wide, deep valley to the pleasure of boat riding on the Dez river, you will experience the magic of the nature.

This waterfall which is the most beautiful waterfall in Iran in some people’s idea is a beautiful and pleasant waterfall which comes from a cave outside and flows in a high defile downwards. This waterfall was registered as one of the national monuments of Iran on 29th of Dey 1393. Shevi Waterfall that is located in a valley between the forty first mountain and mountain hall has green and beautiful natures in spring. The best time to visit this waterfall in spring, especially Farvardin when the weather is fresher and the nature is greener. Shevi in Bakhtiari Lori language means tenderness and most of the residents of this waterfall are Lor people and Bakhtiari.
The best time to visit the Shevi waterfall is in spring (April) when the perfect weather and the green space make it an enjoyable experience. The water passes from Mountains and the water joins the Dez River.


Shevi Waterfall is a breathtaking natural wonder nestled in the Zagros Mountains of Iran, situated in the Sardash Area of Dezful, Khuzestan Province. It is just a short distance away from Lorestan Province, located between the Sartang Shevi Mountains, approximately 10 kilometers from Tale Zang Rail station on the Tehran-South Railroad, making it easily accessible from Lorestan Rail Station.

Regarded as one of the tallest and largest waterfalls in the Middle East, Shevi Waterfall is a must-visit destination for travelers and tourists alike. Whether you are up for the adventure of trekking through a wide and deep valley or the pleasure of a boat ride on the Dez River, you will be spellbound by the magic of nature.

This beautiful waterfall, considered by many to be the most enchanting in Iran, originates from a cave and gracefully cascades down a steep gorge. Shevi Waterfall was officially recognized as a national monument of Iran on the 29th of Dey in 1393. The surrounding area, nestled between the forty-first mountain and Mountain Hall, boasts lush and stunning landscapes, especially in the springtime. The best time to visit Shevi Waterfall is during Farvardin (April), when the weather is pleasant and nature is at its greenest. “Shevi” means tenderness in the Bakhtiari Lori language, and most of the local residents in this area are of Lor and Bakhtiari heritage.

Spring, especially in April, is the ideal time to experience the beauty of Shevi Waterfall, as the perfect weather and vibrant greenery enhance the overall experience. The water flows down from the mountains, eventually joining the Dez River.

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