10 Dusting Tips to Effectively Clean Your Home

Dusting Tips to Clean Your Home

Dusting Tips to Clean Your Home

Week in and week out dust returns for a visit. Especially during these pollen filled Springs in Cleveland, Oh! No matter what you do to keep it away, it returns for another day of microfiber cloths, water, long handles, and polish spritz. Although dusting is a standard housekeeping phenomenon, you can reduce the amount of dust in your home by following these simple yet effective dusting tips:

1: Goodbye feather dusters; hello, microfiber cloths

Feather dusters are synonymous with dusting. Perhaps they worked well once upon a time; however, technology has improved giving us the excellent microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth is electrostatically charged causing the dust to gravitate to it. It’s highly absorbent nature helps you catch dust and leave your home lint and streak free.

2: Start high and finish low

As you dust your home furniture, appliances, and other nooks and crannies, the dust moves into the air looking for a place to land. The direction that you begin your dusting will either work to your advantage or disadvantage.

Start dusting the topmost places first and work your way to the bottom. Also, wipe in a circular motion getting to all the corners and continuing downward. This will ensure that as the dust settles on the next surface, you’ll be able to catch it when you clean without sending it back up in the air to resettle on your dusted areas. Finish with a good vacuum and mop to ensure that most of the dust is picked up.

3: Change your vacuum filters

Replace or wash your vacuum filters as per the manufacturer guidelines. A dirty vacuum filter often causes the vacuum cleaner to spew out dust back into the air as you vacuum. This makes your dusting efforts redundant since clogged filters are unable to trap dust.

4: Behind the fridge and stove

Your fridge and stove are among the bigger culprits for dust collection, grime build-up and more. Although you won’t need to clean behind your fridge and stove weekly, it is advisable to clean at least once a quarter.

Use your refrigerator coil brush to clean the coils and vents of your fridge. Dust in all the nooks and crannies. Finish off with a good vacuum and clean the floor and wall with hot water.

5: Clean those curtains and blinds

Your curtains and blinds are another dust magnet in your home. Weekly dusting of curtains and blinds will help keep the dust to a minimum. Here’s how:

Either take your curtains outside for a good shake or vacuum both sides of your curtains weekly. For your blinds, close them and dust horizontally with an ostrich feather duster. Reverse the blinds to do the other side.

6: Ceiling fans

To quickly and easily dust your ceiling fans, take an old pillowcase, place the fan blade inside the pillowcase, and wipe towards you. This will cause the dust to stay inside the pillowcase while your fan blades come away clean.

7: Hard to reach places

To get to those hard to reach areas which may have items you don’t want in your vacuum cleaner, cover the nozzle of your vacuum cleaner with pantyhose and vacuum the dust up. The pantyhose allows you to dust without picking up any stray objects.

8: Baseboards, walls, and door frames

Put an end to bending to reach your baseboards by attaching your microfiber cloth over the end of your broom and secure with an elastic band. Alternatively, use a dry mop. Now you can reach those hard-to-reach places without the extra strain on your back. Dust your baseboards, walls, and door frames easily with this little tip.

9: Electronics

Next time you dust the plastic of your electronics, apply a dab of fabric softener to your dusting cloth and wipe. The fabric softener will help remove static cling, keeping dust away for a few more days.

In addition, unplug your electronics before dusting, use a toothbrush to get into the crevices and be sure to vacuum around the cords and vents.

10: Avoid polish film build-up

Filmy build-up often comes from spraying polish directly onto your wooden furniture and surfaces. Inevitably this build-up attracts more dust thus the dust cycle continues in a never-ending battle. By spraying the polish into your cloth first, you give yourself the upper hand in dusting. Now you can catch those dust particles and keep your furniture clean and gorgeous.

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