Create The Perfect Place To Indulge In A Good Book

Reading corner ideas

Reading Corner Ideas

Get creative with your space and make your home work harder by utilising every nook and cranny with these reading corner ideas.

Whether you want to transform an under stairs alcove, or simply add an armchair to an unloved corner, we’ve got lots of quirky ideas to get you thinking, no matter what the shape or size of your house.

Take a look at these inspirational spaces to get you in the mood to create your own hideaway that’s perfect for taking some down time to relax…

  1. Set the scene with a view

Position your chosen chair by a window with a view to enliven all the senses – for the moments you take a break from your page too. Read along with a song to add further appeal. A soothing soundtrack can provide the perfect background noise to put you in the mood for some chilled time. Set the scene by popping a radio on a side table and layer up tactile textures to add comfort while you sit.

  1. Position lamps accordingly

Creating a dedicated reading space is possible no matter the size of your home, even in small living spaces. Signify a welcoming reading corner within a living room by positioning a floor lamp to zone a dedicated area.

Placing a lamp above a comfy armchair will indicate where best to curl up with a good book. Once the daylight fades a pool of light will perfectly illuminate the standalone area from the rest of the living room.

  1. Embrace the power of plants

When you’ve chosen your corner in which to create your reading nook add a touch of nature. Decorating the space with plants is not only good for the look, it can also help to improve the space for a reading environment. Even better still if you can use a corner near a window, to embrace the nature outside also. Houseplants are favoured for their power to welcome a sense of calm and wellness indoors.

  1. Make use of every inch of space

When space is limited ensure you use it wisely. A simple wooden storage box placed within a recess can provide the perfect place to sit and enjoy a good book. Dressing the top with cushions ensures comfort is not compromised.

  1. Surround yourself with comforts

If you don’t have the space or budget to build a nook, place a comfy chair in any corner, cover it with the softest blanket you can find and stack a pile of your favourite books within easy reach, make yourself a cuppa and you won’t want to leave. Bliss!

  1. Create a secluded corner for quiet time

Nurseries are one room where reading becomes an everyday occurrence, rather than a luxury. Ensuring you have the perfect spot to read bedtime stories can be as simple as choosing a decluttered corner in which to place a traditional rocking chair and nightstand.

A lamp can provide enough light by which to read, but allows you to switch off the overhead lights to ensure optimum conditions to encourage sleep.

  1. Fashion a fun reading nook in a child’s room

It’s as important to consider where children sit an read. Turn a corner into a cute reading area. Make the most of vertical space with wall-mounted bookshelves and pop down a beanbag next to a reading light to make this space feel separate from the rest of the bedroom.

  1. Work a window seat

A window area, particularly one with a pretty view, can easily be transformed into a dining nook. Built-in banquettes topped with seat pads offer a cosy, space-saving solution, but if you don’t want to call in the builders, get the look with benches instead.

  1. Create the ultimate cosy corner

Nothing says cosy, relaxing and warm than an open fireplace, faux fur rug and plenty of throws. This reading corner is the perfect place to snuggle into after a long day gathering wood for the woodburner. If this doesn’t make you feel instantly blissful, then we don’t know what will.

  1. Zone off your space

Define your reading corner from the rest of your room by painting it in a different colour scheme. Open plan spaces often have a number of activities that take place within them, so it’s important to identify an area for each one to avoid the space feeling confused and cluttered.

  1. Don’t discount the bedroom

The bedroom is the perfect place to create a cosy corner, and it is only a stones throw away from the bed, should you care to drift off after a hot cup of cocoa. Fill your corner with all the things you love. We recommend plenty of cushions for added comfort, and an abundance of greenery and natural plants to encourage the flow of oxygen.

  1. Keep it simple with an occasional chair

You don’t need to make your reading corner too obvious, if you so choose. Create a subtle space to escape with a good book by placing a chair in a calming spot when needed.

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