garden balcony

Questions to Ask Before Starting a Garden Balcony

Garden Balcony A balcony garden can be as complicated or simple as you want. You can spend thousands of dollars or you can make one for very little money. With plant and container choices, you can either make a relatively low maintenance, easy balcony garden or you can do a full-on farm. It depends on your space, light and exposure and the amount of time, energy and/or money you want to spend. Balconies...

Balcony Barbecuing

Balcony Barbecuing

Balcony Barbecuing 5 Fire Safety Tips for Balcony Barbecuing You can enjoy the wonders of barbecue cooking right on your balcony if you follow basic fire safety tips. A simple accident can cause major damage to your own apartment and to your neighbor’s. Before you start, review these 5 tips for safe barbecuing: Don’t Use Propane There are many choices for grills, but a propane barbecue...

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