7 Places You’re Forgetting to Clean

Places You're Forgetting to Clean When you walk into a room, it's usually easy to see what needs to be cleaned up. There's a pile of dirty laundry just waiting to be done; or the kitchen sink is piled with dirty dishes, pots and pans. But once the obvious things are cleaned away, do you forget about the rest of the room? Take a look at seven places you're forgetting to clean. Undersides of...

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

Spring Home Maintenance Tips Time to tidy up. Spring arrives with a warm welcome. For those who’ve been trapped inside their homes to stay out of the cold, now is the time to rediscover the outside world. It’s also time to conduct some home maintenance that will help you avoid big repair bills later on. Start with these 15 tasks to get your home in good shape. Inspect your roof. Whether you have...

Clean Your Office

Easy Tips to Declutter and Clean Your Office

CLEAN YOUR OFFICE Clutter can feel chaotic and stressful. You may even notice that your productivity and effectiveness is lowered every time you try to work in a cluttered environment.  REMOVE EVERYTHING For a truly clean workspace, it’s best to start from scratch. Remove everything from the desktop, drawers and shelves. Then, place them in neat piles on the floor or in another room. Now...

Cleaning Glasses

Cleaning Glasses

Cleaning Glasses Many of us pay for a service to have our windows cleaned, but that can become very expensive. Cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass around your home on your own isn't a difficult task, but getting it done efficiently and streak-free can be a challenge. Oftentimes we spend hours spraying and wiping only to be left with windows that look almost as dirty as they were to begin with. A...

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