deserts in Iran

Maranjab Desert

The Maranjab desert, located near Kashan city is one of the ancient desert cities of Isfahan province. It named by a castle around there from Safavid dynasty. It has a typical climate of hot and dry in summer, cold and dry in winter and very little rainfall during the year. Maranjab one of the most beautiful desert areas of Iran. Long sandy hills and forests of the area worst beautiful arch. Salt Lake...

Mesr Desert

Gorgeous massive deserts of Iran with their unique conditions have always mesmerized tourists and travelers from every corner of the globe. Endless chains of dunes that create a picturesque landscape along with starry sky at night and their special silence are some but not all reasons that have made Iranian deserts so popular. Among many well-known desserts in Iran, Mesr Desert in Khor has its own...

Kalout Shahdad

Kalout Shahdad

Shahdad has a hot desert climate. The city is located at the edge of the Lut desert, which is one of the hottest an driest places in the world. The Summers are long and extremely hot, while the winter are short and mild. Throughout history Shahdad has been a popular desert gateway between Kerman and the Kaluts of the Lut Desert. In researches of Shahdad some kilns have found that show the city had been an...

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