Mesr Desert

Gorgeous massive deserts of Iran with their unique conditions have always mesmerized tourists and travelers from every corner of the globe. Endless chains of dunes that create a picturesque landscape along with starry sky at night and their special silence are some but not all reasons that have made Iranian deserts so popular. Among many well-known desserts in Iran, Mesr Desert in Khor has its own...

Chehel Sotun

Chehel Sotun

Chehel Sotun is a pavilion in the middle of a park at the far end of a long pool, in Isfahan, Iran, built by Shah Abbas II to be used for his entertainment and receptions. Several palaces were built in Isfahan, during Safavid era few of them have survived. Even those which have survived were severely damaged. Chehel Sotun, meaning “40 columns”, is another surviving Safavid-era palace which now...

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