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Darrous Neighborhood

Darrous Neighborhood

Darrous neighborhood is in Shemiran, northern Tehran, Iran. It is considered one of the most affluent areas in the city, as many modern and fashionable families reside there. Darrous is bounded by Pasdaran, Gholhak, Doulat, and Ekhtiyarieh.

Many foreign embassies are located in Darrous including those of Spain, Hungary, Portugal, Colombia, Argentina and Kazakhstan. In addition, Darrous is home to various United Nations agencies.

In this neighborhood you can find many parks & green spaces. This place has many old tall trees that make this neighborhood very beautiful. This area has very cool weather as well. In addition, it has good access to main streets & highways such as Sayyad Shirazi Highway.In addition, there are many large picturesque villas in this district where are suitable for foreign embassies.

The principles of urbanization in the ِDarrous streets are the characteristics of these neighborhood. If you are interested in walking, you have chosen the best place for your home, because the streets in this part of the town are very beautiful and you can enjoy many green trees.

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