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Main Branch Of Pars Diplomatic Real Estate In Zafaraniyeh Neighborhood

After years of experience in the field of property affairs, Pars Diplomatic has opened its second branch for renting and selling apartments, offices, houses and commercial properties in Fereshteh / Elahiyeh neighborhood.

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Pars Diplomatic Real Estate

Pars Diplomatic has begun its activity professionally since 2006. It has recorded very brilliant and well-known name for itself due to its unique and honest activities. Pars Diplomatic is proud of his cooperation with many embassies and international companies in the field of property affairs. Pars Diplomatic professional agents share their experiences honestly with their clients and help them in real estate related affairs. Pars diplomatic slogan is Best advice, Best service, Highest satisfaction.

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Zafaraniyeh Neighborhood

Zafaraniyeh is one of the neighborhoods in north of Tehran, Shemiran zone. Zafaraniyeh is bounded on the north by Tochal mountains, on the south by Valiasr and Mahmoudieh streets, on the east by Tajrish and on the west by Velenjak River. Zafaraniyeh is located on the Alborz foothills and is one of the capital’s highest neighborhoods, then it has very good climate. It is also one of the most expensive residential areas in Tehran. There are many shopping malls in the area as well. Cozy and luxurious restaurants and cafes in Zafaraniyeh have also made it one of Tehran’s most popular leisure districts.

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Office Features And Aims

Pars Diplomatic Zafarani Branch is one of the largest real estate offices in the north of Tehran with 14 staff working in two separate offices. The first office is located in Pesian street for providing real estate services to Iranian clients and the second office is located on Moghaddas Ardabili street for providing real estate services to foreigners  with English-spoken consultants providing English renting and sale contracts. As you enter each of these offices, you will be greeted warmly by the staff. It has always been one of the most important goals of Pars Diplomatic Group to respect the rights of its customers and satisfy them and will do its best to maintain satisfaction and provide new services to its customers.

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