Decor Ideas for Decorating a Rooftop Terrace

Decorating a Rooftop Terrace

Decorating a Rooftop Terrace

Have a rooftop terrace but aren’t quite sure how to decorate it? In our post, learn different ways to make the most of your space and make it into a perfect area for receiving company.

Many bars and restaurants have a rooftop terrace lounging area. We love them because they create a special ambiance and use the right materials and furniture pieces that invite us to relax.

You can enjoy your own rooftop terrace and turn it into a perfect haven for disconnecting from everyday life. But don’t forget that being a rooftop space, it might face adverse weather conditions from time to time.

Our first idea is converting your rooftop space into a party space. If it’s summertime and you’re thinking about throwing a party, don’t limit yourself to your indoor areas; step out onto the terrace!

Remember to have enough seating for your occasion. A long L-shaped couch will work great. Wider models can seat even more people and give them the option to sit down or recline.

Low coffee table – of course, you’ll need a place to put drinks and snacks. By setting them on a table, they will be in everyone’s reach without getting in the way. Try looking for a lower table to prevent any visual obstacles.

Bean bags are another great option for relaxing. Chairs or stools also work well for tables that are fixed onto walls.

Lanterns and party lights. Feel free to use colorful lights but make sure that they light up your space sufficiently. Warm lighting will work best here. Your rooftop terrace should be a unique, special area that has a good vibe.

Decorating a rooftop space: a space to disconnect

If you like stepping out for some fresh air to disconnect from your daily routine, a rooftop terrace could be the perfect place for you to recharge.

Again, a long couch that runs along a wall and a low coffee table can provide the comfortable seating that you need. But you can also add in a pair of recliner chairs as well.

Plants are key components for creating a comfortable, healthy atmosphere. They’re pieces of nature and freshness. The color green creates peace and fragrances that pump oxygen into the space.

You can also try covering the top of your space with a pergola or fabric that blocks the sunlight. With a nice shade, you can use your terrace any time you want.

Lights are essential for decorating rooftop spaces. Set up a desk lamp next to your armchair to meet your light needs. But also remember to set the ambiance as well with some lanterns or dim lights.

Alternative character

You can use all kinds of ideas to make your rooftop terrace an original space with innovative resources. Here are some ideas that can give it a special character of its own:

Pallet chairs and tables: pallets originally serve a different purpose. Using them as furniture, however, can take your decor up a notch and create a more dynamic setting.

You can also try exotic decor accessories. Try pieces from Indian, African or any other culture’s decor.

Minimalism can also be a great decor style to try. Simplify shapes and lines to use as your main decor features. Mixing wood and plants together. Both resources can take center stage in your rooftop decor.

The importance of color

Color is hands down your biggest resource for creating sensations. For example, white symbolizes purity and absorbs more light, making spaces brighter. On the other hand, dark colors can depress a setting.

Look for positive colors for decorating your rooftop terrace. Great examples include neutral colors, salmon, ocher and more. Any color that brings tranquility and joy is sure to work.

decortips: Decor Ideas for Decorating a Rooftop Terrace. 21. May 2020.

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