The Best Vintage Dressers for Bedrooms

Vintage Dressers

Vintage Dressers for Bedrooms

As we’ve all noticed, vintage is back and this time, it’s here to stay. These furniture pieces are the star attraction in all kinds of rooms.

If there’s a furniture piece destined for bedrooms, it’s the dresser. They’ve been used for years and years to keep clothes and provide additional closet space. They help us make the most of our bedroom space in addition to keeping things in order. Dressers are perfect for the area in our bedroom that seems a little sad and empty. On top of it all, they also add an air of elegance and sophistication that really can make any room truly beautiful.

If we’re sure of one thing, it’s the fact that our dresser can spark our decorative side. With a vase and some flowers, a frame or a decorative box, you can give any room a more romantic ambiance and enjoy a room that’s a real show-stopper.

In today’s post, we’ll talk all about vintage dressers. If you want to jazz up your old one and give it a vintage feel, don’t miss out on our post!

Practicality at your service

Dressers will always be an extra storage area that you can place anywhere in your home, not just in your bedroom. Their drawers are extremely useful to tuck away things that you don’t use on an everyday basis or things that you simple don’t want on view.

You can even use your dresser for something different and turn it into a “dresser-makeup table”. In addition to storing your makeup collection, you could keep it all organized by using the different compartments.

Another great idea for dressers is to store bed linen. Let’s not fool ourselves; we never know where to keep sheets and towels. So dressers are actually a great option for storing these types of items. The more room you have in your dresser, the better. You could also look for a dresser that has different-sized drawers. These drawers would help you more efficiently organize everything that you want to tuck away in addition to jazzing up a room.

The perfect detail for a charming bedroom

We can’t deny that vintage dressers grace rooms with an air of elegance. Dressers that sport typical 19th century French details are especially sought-after. Their curved lines with thin legs and metal handles recreate that sophisticated atmosphere.

Another advantage of these dressers is that they never go out of style. They’ll follow the trends no matter how much time goes by because you can always tweak their colors and handles. Sick of your dresser? No problem! Just buy a new set of handles and use other decorative elements as well.

Using a vintage dresser is giving your room elegance. If you want to make it the centerpiece, you can add a smaller decorative piece such as a mirror, candles or a decor picture. Just by using a few things, you can create a truly romantic space.

Vintage dresser options

Haute couture — Maisons du monde

This (link in Spanish) dresser will bring a gentleness and femininity into your bedroom. It’s a light pink vintage dresser with two big drawers and irresistible curves that’ll bless any space with originality. It fits perfectly in rooms that have a more romantic and classic decor.

VERSAILLES — Maisons du monde

This dresser is made from mango wood and has classic curves. It’s perfect for rooms that have a classic and refined feel. The dresser will match perfectly with your personal objects and will provide you with space to comfortably store your clothes. This dresser will be a great option if you want to create a warmer atmosphere.

Vintage dresser Oase 5 — Portobello Street

Last but not least, this solid wood dresser from Portobello Street is a wonderful option for rustic rooms. It’s lined with paper and the drawers sport a thick fiberboard.

What really makes it stand out from other drawers are its handles. These handles are fashioned in brass, which couldn’t be more in style these days. If your home has a boho feel, this dresser is for you!

Vintage dressers are simple a piece that can completely change your bedroom. If you love this kind of style, dressers can be a great option for you.

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