Wonderful Ideas to Make Your Coffee Table Look Amazing

Coffee table

Coffee Table

Today, we’re going to see some of the best ideas to make your coffee table look amazing and immediately become the central point of your living room. Today, we’re going to talk about a central living room piece that people usually ignore or make the most decorative mistakes with. Coffee tables are the souls of homes. They’re much more than an auxiliary piece of furniture. You can reflect a big part of yourself in your coffee table. Therefore, it’s a reflection of you and one of the elements that add more character and personality to your home.

It doesn’t matter what the style of your coffee table is, nor how beautiful, big, or small it is. Its finish also doesn’t matter. Decorating a coffee table is an art that requires you to apply certain tips. This little gem is the perfect place to put anything, ranging from your keys to mail to notes and newspapers. However, they aren’t the “decorative elements” your coffee table deserves.

You should consider your coffee table a blank space located in the middle of your living room. Below, we share some tips to bring it to life.

Play with sizes, shapes, and colors

In short, decorating your coffee table is a sort of game, meaning you have to play with different elements. Experimenting with sizes and heights is the first step.

Our advice is to start with something big at the center or one end of the table. This is the ideal place for a plant or flowers. We love fresh flowers. In addition to the beauty they already add on their own, fresh flowers on coffee tables give off a natural feeling.

Use trays

Trays are indispensable items on coffee tables. Placing a tray on your coffee table immediately brings a sense of order and cleanliness. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t going to put anything on it or if you want to use it for the remote controls of your TV and sound equipment.

Also, they’re perfect for arranging small items you often use so that they don’t get lost and you have a hard time finding them. Also, trays also give off a sense of balance.

You can use a single big one or a set of two or three that are perfectly aligned with each other. This is an ideal item to use when there’s a lack of curved shapes in your living room. Curved shapes give an exquisite feminine touch to any room, including if you use round trays.

Books on your coffee table

Make sure to place books on your coffee table. The best places for them are one of the corners or in the central part furthest from the sofa. Use books to decorate. Get yourself a few inspirational books for your coffee table.

Art, decoration, architecture, or fashion books are good ideas. In addition to being items that you’ll enjoy in your living room, they add another element of balance to your coffee table. Choose the ones that go with your style and let them be a projection of yourself.

Candles and glass

These are two other indispensable items. Scented candles give texture, color, and aroma to the busiest room in your home. We love big square candles or those that have several wicks. Also, it’s a great idea to get your hands on some wooden or metal candle holders, as this finishing touch will look extraordinary.

Likewise, you should consider using glass on your coffee table. It can be in the form of a nice vase or fishbowl containing colored shells, stones, or flowers. Low glass containers are also perfect for holding water and floating candles. Small cut glass figures are good items for the decoration of coffee tables and are an excuse to perhaps start a personal collection.

Metallic accents on coffee tables

Adding gold, silver, or brass pieces immediately boosts the elegance of the entire room. Coffee tables are ideal surfaces to show off any item with these finishes and provide the shine that you seek in the decoration of your table.

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