Alangdareh park

Alangdareh park

Alangdareh park with area of 185 kilometers is located at 5 kilometers southwest of Gorgan County on the way of Naharkhoran boulevard. Summers of Alangdareh are cool and winters are snowy and very cold. There is also a historical region in north of park with this name.
Alangdareh forest park is chosen and announced as one of the 7 exemplary touristic districts of the country and the outstanding forest park of the north of Iran.
In springs and summers, this forest is full of people who come to this district from the sultry and hot weather of town. The weather of Alangdareh is at least 10 degrees cooler than urban areas.
There is an asphalt road inside this forest. In the hillside of this forest, there is a special plant coverage and also very scenic rivers and springs which give it a spectacular view.
Inside the park lies an a road which is a nice opportunity for biking and hiking. Offering copious outstanding landscapes all the way through, the road is an endless enjoyment for travelers. It’s lined with soaring trees, which seem to embrace nature lovers.
The forests there contain many trees and rich vegetation; maples, willows, alders and oak trees are most remarkable. A little further along the road, you will hear the pleasing sounds of waters from a nearby river and a chain of cool springs amid the forests.
The attractive views wherever you turn your head are plentiful all year round. Each season has its own unique beauties and magnificence; in spring and summer you will be impressed by the cool, pleasant weather and surrounding trees. Autumn, too, is a marvelous time for a romantic visit for newly-weds and couples; the colorful foliage there is just outstanding.

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