Kal Jeni canyon

Kal Jeni canyon

Kal Jeni canyon is an old and spectacular canyon with different erosions. You can define a Kal-e Jeni with this short sentence.
Kal- e Jeni (canyon of Jinn) is an extremely weird natural attraction located in Azmighan village, around Tabas city in the southern Khorasan province. This silent and lonely canyon is formed by water and wind erosion and shows stunning natural forms. These surreal landscapes and the mysterious sound created when the wind blows through the canyon have led to this belief that this canyon is the territory of Jinn and anyone who steps through this valley alone might be captured by them!

Kal-e Jeni consists of two words. Kal and Jeni. Kal is a Persian word defined as a canyon created by floodwater. A canyon with water spring through a desert. Creation of the valley dates back to Sassanid era. Jen means jinn. People believe that jinn lives in this canyon. Shape of the walls indicate that the time of creation is more than 1000 years. In some parts, shape of the canyon is like U and some others`, is like V. When you look above, you will see a sky between 2 walls but in some parts, you can’t see it.
Some small rooms called “Gabr” are carved in the walls of the canyon. Nobody has ever found out what exactly these small rooms in the middle of this never land were used for. Some historians believe that Gabrs were carved by the Zoroastrians during Sassanid era and were used for Chelleh, which is the spiritual practice of silence and praying! There are some tunnels that might have been the connection between the Gabrs.

Kal-e Jeni has different waterfalls, rivers and ponds. Depth of the ponds is 1/5 meters and ponds are good parts for walking.
Swimming in cold water through a desert. There is a tunnel near the canyon leading water to a well. After a tunnel, the canyon doesn’t have any river. You can see wells and holes on the walls which are result of diggings by humans. Existence of tunnels and holes in the walls carved by Zoroastrians for living, palm trees, ponds, rivers and small waterfalls are just small parts of this spectacular canyon. The dense palm groves, the scenic desert with hundreds of and dunes and the breathtaking “Golshan Garden of Tabas” are other attractions around the mysterious Kal-e Jeni. Uppersia suggests this area and its unique attractions as one of the perfect winter destinations in Iran.

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