Bisheh Waterfall

Bisheh Waterfall

This waterfall is the bride of Lorestan. Bisheh Waterfall is about 48 m (157 ft) in height, and about 10 m (33 ft) wide where it joins the Sezar River. The waterfall, with the nearby oak forest, is a popular tourist attraction because of its scenic location and nearby train station.
The name of Bisheh Waterfall is taken from Bisheh Village. The people of this village speak Khorramabadi Luri and Bakhtiyari Luri.
One of the biggest waterfalls and major attractions of Lorestan Province in Iran is Bisheh waterfall with around 60 meters height. This waterfall locates in 30 km distance from Dorood city in Lorestan Province, adjacent to south railroad network, where Bisheh station locates. The waterfalls drop in a graceful cascade into the Sezar River. Nothing feels like it to stand under a waterfall on a hot summer day Bishe is One of the places that exactly give you that feeling.
Bisheh waterfall is located in heart of Zagros mountains in the city of Khorramabad in Lorestan province. Bisheh waterfall is located in 65 Km to Khorramabad and closes by Tehran- south railway, Bisheh station.
This waterfall with a beautiful view is of the beautiful waterfalls in Iran. Bisheh waterfall’s height is about 48 meters with the wideness of about 10 meters and it joins the Sezar river. At the top of the waterfall, across the railway station, there are several springs which after crossing the station, join together and make the waterfall.
Around the Bisheh waterfall, there are several breathtaking locations such as Oak forest, Bisheh village, Bisheh train station,.. which makes this location as one of Lorestan main tourist attractions.

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