Pink Lake

Pink Lake

The Pink lake (Lipar lake) is located on the margin of the seasonal lagoon of Lipar, along the Chabahar coastal road to Goetar, and 20 km east of Chabahar, in beautiful areas of Sistan and Baluchestan. Due to the type of the soil in the lake, its water surface seems shining with pink color. The area of this marvelous lake is 10 hectares.

This lake has many tourist attractions. The Lipar lagoon with beautiful and unique landscapes in 20 kilometers east of Chabahar, has always been a fascinating attraction for tourists and world travelers. The Lake water volume depends on the amount of rainfall and vegetation of the lake are Gaz, whim, and straw.

Around the pink lake there are a variety of Gaz shrubs and birds such as flamingos, pelicans, white and gray hawks. When you look at the lake, you think it’s filled with strawberry syrup.

According to environmental experts, the cause of the pink color of the lake’s water is the planktonic activities. The presence of large plant planktons in the region, and the abundance of organic and materials, in some seasons, leads to a significant increase in biological production.

These factors, along with the currents of the Monsoon storms, which are unique features of the oceanic region of Oman Sea, cause an increase in the number of plant planktons and pure pink color of the lake in December. In the months of January, February, April, September, and October, we are seeing the tidal phenomenon in the Gulf of Gwater. In fact, in these months, you can enjoy this beautiful and colorful landscape.

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