How To Arrange Your Apartment According To Feng Shui Principles

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Feng Shui Principles For Arrange Apartments

Not once during my lifetime did I find myself affected by the energy of surrounding elements and the forces of nature. If you come to think of it, it’s not even that strange; external factors have an enormous impact on our general mood, on our health and our emotions; various stimuli such as color, shape and texture deeply affect the way we perceive the environment.  One more reason to consider Feng Shui when re-decorating your home.

This ancient Chinese philosophy is quite unique and provides some useful tips for creating peaceful aesthetics within your home. Feng means “wind,” and shui means “water”, an interesting choice of words suggesting the incredible liaison between the elements of life which must co-exist in perfect harmony to keep the balance of the world intact. That’s exactly what Feng Shui tries to teach us: search for a way to blend in with the external forces instead of bumping into them.

According to this philosophy, all things in a room should be arranged in such a way not to disrupt this balance and create a flow of positive energy that will ultimately lead to health, prosperity, success and love. Don’t worry; it’s not rocket-science. Anyone can do it by combining home décor in a clever way.

The basic rule is to build a comfortable and harmonious living space; small decorative pieces, pleasing to the eye, are the easiest way to adorn your home. Look for round and smooth features when buying new furnishings, rounded corners on pieces of furniture are believed to let positive energy in. Always place the sofa in such a way that you’re facing the door when seated. And remember to open the windows often; fresh air can quickly revitalize any space.

Color plays a very important part in creating a lively, joyful environment. Paint one of the walls in the room in a nice color, bring in good energy with colorful drapes, and add some greenery to the scene, small pots of flowers or any kind of apartment plants. This is something you can do even if you’re not a green thumb. There are some plants that require minimal effort to maintain, like bromeliads or orchids. Just ask at your local gardening shops.

Another principle which you must absolutely consider is to keep your place tidy and organized. When decorating your home according to Feng Shui art, clutter is your worst enemy as it attracts negative energy. As challenging as it may be, keep mess away from your house and fill it with a good vibe instead.

Rent cafe blog: How to arrange your apartment according to Feng Shui principles. 29. August 2018.

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