Property Insurance Tips That Tenants Must Know

Insurance Tips

Insurance Tips

As a tenant, you can insure the properties under lease personally or by the owner, for the dangers such as fire, flood, storm, land fall, power fluctuations and so on. In this post, we will explain some of the most important insurance for the properties.

  • Fire insurance

With fire insurance, it is possible to compensate the most of the financial damages (not the physical harms) which are caused by fire, lightening and explosion.

  • Earthquake and Volcano eruption Insurance

The damages caused by earthquake directly or side damages caused by earthquake and volcano eruption which will happen to insured properties.

  • Theft

In this coverage, it is possible that the insurance compensate damages which caused by theft or removing an obstacle such as breaking a lock.

  • Damages caused by snow and rain

Damages caused by rain and melting snow are covered by this insurance and the insurance will compensate the damages if the water penetrates the insured places through roof or because of pipe clogging, overflowing of ditches and waterspouts.

  • Storm, Tornado & Hurricane Insurance

The damages caused by storm, tornado and hurricane will be compensated by buying insurance.

  • Landfall and Landslide

The insurance covers damages of landfall caused by different reasons like soil effects, consecutive raining, changing of ground water level, tidal waves and so on.

  • Roof loss caused by heavy snow

In this insurance coverage, the building damages caused by heavy snow will be compensated by this coverage.

In case that the tenant himself or by the owner wants to buy any of mentioned insurance, Pars Diplomatic agents with cooperation of Iran insurance Company will do this task for you in the less time and the lowest cost.

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