Furnished apartment in north of Tehran

Renting Apartment In Elahiyeh Neighborhood, Tehran

Renting Apartment In Elahiyeh Neighborhood, Tehran

Features of Elahiyeh neighborhood Elahiyeh is an upper class neighborhood in Northern Tehran. You can find residential towers and upscale apartments in this modern neighborhood. This is where the newest buildings and many fashionable stores can be found. This area includes big gardens and mansions with eye catching architecture. In many people opinion, this area is one the best neighborhood in Tehran for...

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Renting Furnished Apartment in Tehran

If you consider renting furnished apartments in Tehran, you should know that it is not as easy as in other countries, but you should not be concerned. In this post, you will get familiar with rules, important points and regulations of renting furnished apartments in Tehran. Whose renting furnished apartments are suitable for? Frankly speaking, furnished apartments are the best choose for expatriates...

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