Renting Furnished Apartment in Tehran

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If you consider renting furnished apartments in Tehran, you should know that it is not as easy as in other countries, but you should not be concerned. In this post, you will get familiar with rules, important points and regulations of renting furnished apartments in Tehran.

Whose renting furnished apartments are suitable for?

Frankly speaking, furnished apartments are the best choose for expatriates who intend to inhabitant in Iran for short or long time. Shopping high quality home furniture or appliances in Tehran may be not easy task and also the price of home appliances and furniture are more expensive comparing to some other countries. It might happen that some of your furniture gets broken down in moving, and also when you intend to leave Tehran and want to sell all your furniture, you may face some problems. Furnished apartments are usually equipped to high speed internet and it’s not necessary you spend time for accessing to the Internet. So the foreigners, who work for International companies or embassies in Iran for the specific period of time, are recommended to rent furnished apartments for sure. We, as Pars Diplomatic Real Estate, assure you that to offer and introduce you the furnished apartments in north of Tehran according to your taste.

Rent price of furnished apartments in Tehran

Obviously renting a furnished apartment in Tehran is more expensive than an unfurnished one.  This price varies based on value of the furniture. This price varies depending on the quality and quantity of the furniture. However, on average, renting a furnished apartment is about 10% to 15% more than an unfurnished apartment.

Apartment Furniture

Normally in apartments that we offer to our clients, all the necessary furniture and appliances are available but in case if you need special and more furniture, our agents will convince the owners to provide it for you. We recommended you  to check  all thing in the apartments  such as sofa cover ,bed, carpet, and so on and in case of any problem you can  talk  to the owner or inform our agents. Also if you don’t need any of furniture, you can ask the owner to take it out from the apartment,  because after delivering the apartment to you, you are responsible for all of them and you should return them back the same as you have received them.

Contract of renting furnished apartments

The contracts of renting a furnished or an unfurnished apartment are the same. The only difference is that in the case of the furnished one, all the furniture will be included in the contract and an inventory list.

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