Tips for Setting Up Your Home Gym

Home Gym

Home Gym

If you think you’ll need at-home workouts from time to time to keep up your conditioning, streamlining your home gym is essential. If you have only ten minutes to exercise, you don’t want to spend six of those minutes trying to find your exercise bands. Management of your home-gym space is critical for successful workouts.

Choose a dedicated space for your workouts. If space permits, the ideal situation is to have a dedicated space that you use only for your exercise sessions. If you don’t have a lot of extra space, at a minimum choose a place that you use consistently and that’s large enough for your movement needs.

Store your equipment in storage containers. You need proper storage for your equipment in order to find it quickly and avoid accidents. Storage is particularly important when it comes to dumbbells because you or your family members may trip over equipment if it isn’t stored securely. Every type of equipment that you purchase — dumbbells, exercise bands, tubing, stretch straps, mats — needs a storage place. Try storing dumbbells on racks and using baskets or crates for bands, tubing, and stretch straps.

Keep your workout plans or logs in the space. You want to be able to do your routine immediately. If you haven’t memorized it, you need to reference it quickly and easily. If you keep a workout log, keep it with your equipment. Your workout design resources should also be easily available.

Make sure a clock or timer is visible. If you know that time is an issue, keep a clock visible either in or near your workout area. As an alternative, keep a timer and set it for 10 or 15 minutes or whatever amount of time you’ve allocated for your workout, so you’ll stay within your time budget and be sure to complete your planned exercises.


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